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How to Recover Deleted Meetme Account In 2022

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You deleted your MeetMe account and are now wondering how to recover a deleted MeetMe account. This tutorial will expose your mind to all of the requirements and procedures associated with regaining access to a lost Meetme account.

Meetme is a dating site that allows users to sign up for free and use the Meetme mobile app to communicate with others. In order to retrieve a lost Meetme account, there are two options.

It was truly lost since you instructed us to delete your account on your behalf, and as a result, we were unaware of your presence. However, if you uninstalled the Meetme app without first initiating the deactivation procedure, the very account will still be available to sign in.

It will not be necessary for the account holder to discover how to recover a deleted Meetme account when working with us. Simply logging onto the Meetme sign-in page and signing into your account with the same registered credentials will be extremely convenient for you.

After discovering that the account is invalid or that there is a sign-in issue, you should attempt to restore your passwords using your Facebook or email address.

8 Steps to Recover Meetme Account

How to Verify Meetme Without a Phone Number-10 Quick Steps

How to Create a meetme online Account

How to Recover Deleted Meetme Account

How to Recover Deleted Meetme Account
  1. Log onto through a web browser so that you will login.
  2. Enter the username of your Meetme account.
  3. Get to the next page so that you can insert your account password.
  4. If the password you remembered isn’t working with the account password, click on “Forgotten password”.
  5. Enter the registered email address and login the email to receive sent OTP.
  6. Copy and paste the code on their required column.
  7. Undergo the verification and choose a new password over the old one.
  8. Click on Submit and try to login with the newly created password.

Let’s have a look at another method of recovering a deleted Meetme account. That’s the possibility for recovering a deleted Meetme account with the use of a Facebook account.

How to Recover a Meetme Account Using a Phone Number

How to Recover Deleted Meetme Account

This is the point at which you will attempt to sign in using Facebook. The link will direct you to a site where you can enter your Facebook credentials, which will be used as a verification method. Let’s get this party started;

How to Recover Deleted Meetme Account In 2022 Using Phone

  • Go to same Meetme official website.
  • Try to login with the password you could remember. If it isn’t working, go to the Forgotten Password link and click.
  • New page will prompt for Facebook email address/phone number.
  • Enter either of them but ensure that the one you input is still existing.
  • Move to the email or the phone number to receive the confirmation code.
  • Enter same sent verification code and then create new password from that stage.
  • Login and get your account started again.

The most fundamental piece of information required to get a Meetme account is an email address. If you have forgotten the email address associated with your Meetme account, you will be unable to use that same Meetme account again and will be required to register a new one.

The Meetme confirmation code cannot be obtained even if you recall the email address but don’t have access to it at the time of the request. As a result, it is still ineffective. That’s all there is to it.

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