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How to Verify Meetme Without a Phone Number-10 Quick Steps

How to Verify Meetme Without a Phone Number

This page will show you How to Verify Meetme Without a Phone Number. However, if you verify your account without a real phone number, there will be consequences. For more information, see the final paragraph.

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While you may not be eager to provide your phone number, these tips are still worth your time because annoying events may occur in the future. For this reason, we advise you to create a new account by using a telephone number. Feel free to comment if you need more information about MeetMe verification and website issues.

Why is it necessary for MeetMe to verify your phone number?
MeetMe has a responsibility as a dating site to verify that all of the profiles on the site belong to actual people. This is the primary reason Meetme requests your phone number at random. Even five days after signing up, MeetMe may prompt you to verify your account.


Phone number verification is used by the platform to:

Stop people from creating phony accounts—

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How to Verify Meetme Without a Phone Number

How to Verify Meetme Without a Phone Number

Because you can’t have multiple accounts with the same phone number, MeetMe needs users to verify their accounts by providing their phone number and entering the verification code.
Make sure you’re human—
To ensure that the person signing up isn’t a bot, most websites employ the Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA).
Keep an eye out for users that appear to be suspicious—
When MeetMe encounters a questionable individual, it requests their phone number in order to determine whether or not the account is fraudulent.

Is it possible to verify your MeetMe account without using your phone?

There are two ways to validate your MeetMe account without providing your phone number. You can contact MeetMe customer service by email. You’ll need the following information to send an email to validate your account:

Name in full
Use this email address for MeetMe.
After reviewing your details, MeetMe’s team will personally verify your account to ensure that you are a real person. Keep in mind that, although not disclosing your phone number, you did give other personal information.

Problems with the MeetMe Verification Process that You Might Have

When MeetMe asks you to verify your account, there are a few drawbacks you may encounter. You have the option to:

If you do not receive a confirmation code on your phone, please contact us.
You did not get the verification code via email.
Because you have a new phone number, you won’t be able to get a verification code on your phone.

If you have any issues, please see (For assistance, please look below):

Verification problem with the MeetMe account

Without a phone number, how do you verify Meetme? How to Verify Meetme Without a Phone Number
You can use the options below to verify MeetMe without a phone number:

  • Go to the Google search engine.
  • Free SMS Verification is what you’re looking for.
  • Visit a website that offers this service for free to its visitors.
  • For this, is a good option.
  • From the website, choose a country.
  • To verify your account with a phone number, choose one of those regions and phone numbers.
  • Copy the phone number and paste it into the MeetMe field.
  • To get a verification code, wait a while and then refresh the fake phone number page.
  • To MeetMe, add a verification code.

How much will it cost you?
It’s completely free, and these are government services. Because they are a government service, you may encounter some issues, which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

MeetMe Gmail Doesn’t Exist Error is another useful resource.

What are the Drawbacks of Using a Virtual Phone Number to Verify a MeetMe Account?

It will be difficult for you to verify an account with a virtual phone number because others will notice that an account has been created for MeetMe on the phone number page.
If someone else tries to recover your account’s password, he won’t be able to do so using a mobile device. Password recovery is only available via email with MeetMe.
Virtual phone numbers can be canceled at any time, and you won’t be able to verify them again if you need to. Please keep in mind that MeetMe requests verification from users at random. It could take up to three days after you register.

This is How to Verify Meetme Without a Phone Number


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