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How to Save Money On Food This Year-“18 Easy Tips”

how to save money on food

Food is one of the unavoidable expenses we are trapped with every day. I mean everyone must eat! 

But are you ready to Save Money On Food while eating healthy? I outlined 18 Easy Tips On How to Save Money On Food This Year

Food is getting pricer by the moment. These days a plate of good cooked meal at the restaurant can cost anywhere between $5 – way up to $50. But even if you decide to stop buying or eating out, you can still be spending that same amount of money while trying to cook yourself a meal or while trying to in-bide the habit of eating home cooked meals.

It is very easy to lose count of money spent purchasing foodstuffs while unknowingly believing you are good at cutting down cost.

You could purchase pricey foodstuffs or food you won’t even cook that will end up at the bottom of your refrigerator.

This could amount to serious waste even up to, or more than the cost of eating out.

You can take simple steps to ensure you are actually saving money on food by evaluating your food habits and taking other precautionary measures.

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Here are 11 easy tips to ensure you are actually saving money on food.

How to Save Money On Food This YearHow to Save Money On Food This Year

1. Buy easily preservable foodstuffs.

It is easy to walk into a supermarket shooting clearance sales for ripe foodstuffs and you start packing them into carts.

Food that many not even last an additional three days while let’s assume, it may cost way up to $200 to purchase. That is pure waste! It will even be better if you had spent the money buying a delicious pricey meal at a restaurant.

 It is best to buy mid-ripe foodstuffs to avoid over shopping ripe food that will end up in trash.

2.  Buy your tomatoes, pepper, onions and ginger or garlic in bulk and then process.

       You can make them all into a preservable paste that you refrigerate. It will save you time, money and effort.

3. Make a compost garden for your greens-How to Save Money On Food This Year

       Greens are easily planted and nurtured these days. The trick is, not to throw out your overripe food and fresh fruit seeds but to use them to make a small compost garden in your backyard. Growing small vegetables like tomatoes, pepper, okra will save you lots of money and food waste.

4. Don’t trash overripe fruits.

 Some overripe fruits are capable of making other delicious foods and appetizers if you know how to use them.

 Some ripe fruits can be used to make healthy fresh juice, sweet syrups, salad dressings or to bake appetizing small chops.

5. Cook meals in bulk like soup, stew, sauce, salad and paste so that you can easily make their edible counterpart when the need arises. 

These will save you money, time, energy and human waste.

6. Use a meal plan. ( How to Save Money On Food This Year)

A meal plan will help you cook the foods that you love to eat and help you cultivate the habit of eating healthy foods.

Meal plans are also necessary to limit food wastage and money.

7. Organize your refrigerator.

Organize your refrigerator in such a way that you can easily access the food you already have to avoid buying the same thing.

8. Have a good storage system for your foodstuff.

Have a good storage system for your grains, vegetables, cooked meals, fruits to avoid food spoilage and waste.

When you preserve your food properly, it will save you lots of human efforts and your hard earned money.

9. Buy proteins like meat, fish, chicken in bulk to save you lots of money and time,

plus it will make cooking much easier.

You can buy these proteins in bulk, wash, cut oven-dry and then refrigerate.

10. Repurpose leftover meals.

Repurposing leftover meals is fun rather than trashing them. Plus it will save you lots of money. 

Get creative with your leftover meals and create a record breaking meals that you can share on YouTube or Pinterest.

Thousands of moms will thank you for it plus you get to make lots of money while saving the money you already have!

11. Practice mindful eating.

Practicing mindful eating is a habit that includes; eating only when you are hungry, eating the correct portion of food and also eating gently one bit at a time which also aids easy digestion.

Mindful eating will save you lots of money, help you stay trim and better your digestive system.

12. Use a grocery list when shopping for your pantry to avoid buying unnecessary things you won’t even cook.

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13. Occasionally air dry your raw grains like rice, beans, corn, maize to prevent unexpected spoilage.

14. Use a monthly budget for your grocery shopping to minimize food waste and save your hard earned money.

A monthly budget will help you track the way you save money.

15. Drink more water instead of fresh juice or soda to stay healthy, slim and waste-free.

16. Watch portion size by using smaller bowls and eating mindfully one bit at a time.

17. Buy greens in smaller quantities to avoid waste.

Most greens are hard to preserve, so they end up getting bad before you use them.

18. Eat only when you are hungry and not out of boredom to save money on food and stay slim.

All the tips you need to Save Money On Food, if you are stuck with wondering How to Save Money On Food This Year?

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