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50 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips That Will Save You Money In 2021

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

“Does minimalism actually work?” this is a question so many people ask when the concept seems too overwhelming and unreal to them.

But minimalism can actually change your life if you want!

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What is minimalism? 

Minimalism is a way of living with less to promote a more intentional lifestyle free of financial burdens, unnecessary expenses and unwanted clutter to concentrate on what matters most in your life.


Why minimalism?

Minimalism teaches us how to focus on what we own that matters instead of holding on to clutters we should be riding off to promote more time, more space, a cordial environment, financial freedom and improved mental health.

Minimalism is not about deprivation but about living more intentionally and enjoying every bit of life as you can manage.

Most of us are guilty of living a life of excess accumulation of stuff whether it furniture, accessories, books, toys, electronics, gadgets etc- which often leads to congestion and unwanted clutter in our lives.

Importance of minimalism

 minimalism can help you- 

  • live with purpose. 
  • live in the moment. 
  • pursue a passion. 
  • rid of unnecessary clutters.
  • promote individual growth. 
  • stabilize mental health. 
  • experience financial freedom. 
  • create more, consume less and
  • live more happier.

Here are small helpful tips to start a minimal lifestyle and save more money.

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50 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips That Will Save You Money In 2021

  1. Clean out your junk drawer
  2. Clean off your dressers of old and broken items.
  3. Don’t buy plastic air fresheners.
  4. Don’t splurge too much money on hairdo, buy easily washable attachments and wigs once in a while.
  5. Use cotton undergarments and trash out bad ones.
  6. Stop buying expensive beauty products and body creams instead invest in a good body moisturizer and bath twice daily. ( I Stop Spending Money On These 10 Things (saved me $3000 in 6 months))
  7. Ditch fashion trend and buy only clothes you absolutely need.
  8. Love yourself enough, be gentle and appreciate yourself. Appreciate whatever is in your life right now.
  9. Declutter your make-up bag, you don’t need a box full of make-up to be beautiful or happy.
  10. Cut back on expensive hair products.
  11. Your hair is just fine. No amount of branded products will make it any better than your homemade ones.
  12. Rid yourself of those excess books that you don’t actually read. You don’t need a closet full of books to feel smarter or respected.
  13. Reduce your bags and shoes. The truth they are still clutters that either will be needing regular cleaning or getting old in their storage space.
  14. Simplify your living room furniture for proper ventilation and ease of cleaning time.
  15. Stop putting your hard earned money on gadgets. The truth is, whatever gadget you buy, will be just another forgotten brand in a year from now.
  16. Limit social media. Social media will just add to your anxieties and unnecessary inferiority complex.
  17. Clear off your counter of unused books, pens and what have you!
  18. Sort out your jewelry box and rid of the bad ones and organize the needed ones. 
  19. Sort out your kids’ toys and get rid of the excesses. The kids don’t need so much to be any better!
  20. Clean out your house slab and cabinet and wash all the washables.
  21. Purge your living room of toys, papers and baggage that don’t belong there.
  22. Go through paper works, trash the outdated ones, organize the needed ones and try to keep it simple and tidy.
  23. Wipe out pantry and put everything back together or rid of the excesses.
  24. Drag out your bed, furniture and sweep under them accordingly.
  25. Clear out your electronic clutter like cellphones, CDs, Cameras, printers and old games.
  26. Always buy apparels and accessories that match to minimize lost of unnecessary clutter you won’t wear.
  27. Sell off or give out all the dresses that do not fit in your wardrobe.
  28. Use metal or aluminum containers to store foodstuffs instead of plastic or rubber.
  29. Don’t dispose spent coffee grounds, use some to make an effective body scrub for your whole body and face.
  30. Stop buying dishwasher, consider making yours to save your house from plastic waste and your money too.
  31. Become an intentional citizen by sending all your item packaging materials like excess bottles, cartons, wrappers, foils, nylon to recycle firms to help them make more useful items.
  32. Don’t trash orange peels, use them to make enzymatic cleaners for tough stains, smell around the house.
  33. Buying easily preservable foodstuffs and avoid shopping overripe foods in bulk.
  34. Save money on fuel by walking some few miles some days instead of buying fuel.
  35. save money on electricity bills by turning off appliances when not in use.
  36. Buy portable and durable items with several years warranty to cut down the cost of buying it all over again which is the perfect way to save money and excess Clutters in your house.
  37. Don’t buy books you won’t read and try to clear off your book cupboard of old and torn books that you no longer read.
  38. Try durable second hand fashion once in a while and save money used in buying brand with high-priced tag. 
  39. Start using a monthly and weekly budget to help you organised your finance and understand exactly where your money is going.
  40. Don’t get into debts. Make sure to buy only the things you can afford.
  41. Have an emergency fund in place to help you stay financially prepared when emergencies happen. 
  42. Buy work clothes according to pairs, matching items and accessories to save you money in buying clothes and unwanted pieces.
  43. Keep a cleaning schedule for your whole house and try to avoid having your whole house all the time.
  44. Use Eco-friendly, energy saving LED bulbs to save more energy in your home.
  45. Spread out your clothes in the open sun rather than using your home dryer to save more energy and light bill.
  46. Save more energy by unplugging all electronics when not in use.
  47. Start saving money every month no matter your salary size to stay ahead of your finance and several miles from debt.  ( 50 Money-Saving Challenge to Start According to Your Earnings)
  48. Stay away from alcohol and soda to boost your health, mental clarity and save you from money-draining illnesses.
  49. Stay fit by doing small exercises everyday and drinking more water instead of soda.
  50. Keep a small compost garden in your kitchen to grow Minor greens to help save lots of money on food.

These are 50 Helpful Minimalist Lifestyle Tips That Will Save You More Money In 2021.

Be sure to enjoy the process, and take small, easy steps everyday towards minimalism!

Minimalism is a lifestyle you will certainly enjoy if you want!

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