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How to Simplify Your Life So You Can Feel Less Stressed and Depressed

Simplify Your Life

It is true that only you can make yourself happy.

Nobody is responsible for your thoughts, feelings, or behavior.

There is no direct formula for happiness or anything that can be directly proportional to giving long-lasting happiness.

Only you can decide which emotion to feel.

If you are healthy, have somewhere to sleep, food to eat, then you are good to go and happiness becomes an option.
Your happiness is not directly related to your wealth, partner, children, pets, material possessions and neither is your physique.

Happiness is what you decide to feel in whatever state of your life.

Two years ago, I didn’t feel like this. I had overcomplicated my life with things that I didn’t realize I could live without.

I was obsessed with my postpartum belly. I couldn’t bear my eyes to look at my ugly stretch marks, and, most frustratingly, my new breasts.

My unhealthy worries are topped off by a growing financial worry.

Those were two intense years. I had no reason to be happy. I was slowly sinking into depression, and my soul was burdened for no alarming reasons.

Later, however, I was able to turn my life around through a series of unplanned events.

They changed my life for the better!

I found the perfect solution to my unhealthy worries by decluttering and downsizing my whole life.

I choose to attract happiness through simplifying my daily life.

The happiness I feel right now is lasting. As long as I have food and a place to sleep, I’m good to go. I learned how to be a happy stay-at-home mom with a side business.

I’m finally with a life put together and everything else is a top-off spice.

Here are a few lessons I learned…and still, keep me afloat.

These 15 tips will make your life easier and attract happiness, no matter where you may be in life.

Although they may seem vague, they have a powerful and lasting effect.

15 Ways to Simplify Your Life In 2022

1. Get your finances in order

It is a good idea not to be totally broke, even though the amount you have does not directly correlate with your happiness.

You can learn to budget your money and prioritize your priorities. Then you will be able to clearly separate your needs from your wants and create a savings account for the future.

2. De-clutter Your Home

Unneeded clutter can cause anxiety and claustrophobia.

You need to have the right environment for you to feel healthy and be able to go about your business without any interruptions.

A clutter-filled house will make it unsafe and give you an unnatural feeling of wanting more.

3. Take control of your time

You can make a significant improvement in your personal and professional life by managing your time well.

You will eventually feel depressed and unhappy if you spend hours on your bed scrolling through social media and the internet every day.

You will be so busy that you feel fulfilled when you make a calculated use of your time. This is what leads to happiness.

4. Get Organized

Putting your life in order, together and well planned can give you the peace and happiness you seek.

Clear out the clutter in your home, arrange your clothes, match outfits and find a place to put them.
You should ensure that everything in your home and office is as organized as possible.

5. Create routines

Without having to work so hard, a daily routine that is practical in the morning, evening, and night can make your day much more enjoyable.
Routines are the best way to attract happiness, organize your life, and reduce stress.

6. Enjoy Being Happy with Yourself

How to Simplify Your Life So You Can Feel Less Stressed and Depressed

Be happy with who you are!

Because that’s how God intends you to be, you are who you are. He is the all-powerful and best decision-maker ever, and whatever way he choosed you to be, that’s the best you can be.

Be better than who you think you are. Strive to improve your self and never ignore self growth.

Be happy, and remember that no one is better than you!

7. Learn To Conquer Stress

You can conquer stress and not let it get the best of you.

Take care of yourself and manage your time.

Do not overthink, overwork or overburden yourself.

If you need to recharge your mind, body, and soul, take a long vacation.

8. Plan and prepare

Don’t live a life of uncertainty or wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow won’t take care. You have to plan for tomorrow.

In case of an emergency, keep an emergency fund ready. Also, make sure you have enough money to buy anything else.

9. Take your health seriously

To be able achieve whatever you want, you must have great health.

Overworking your body and stressing it will make you more susceptible to unanticipated diseases.

Regular check-ups should be a regular part of your routine. Drink enough water, get enough sleep, and do some exercises.

10. Know your priorities

It is possible to simplify your life by understanding your priorities and attract the happiness you desire.

You must ensure that you are focusing your energy, time and money on the most important things in your life.

11. Stop trying to be perfect

It’s ironic?… Those who strive for perfection are often the ones who make the biggest mistakes.

No one gets a bag filled with happiness or peace for trying so hard to become the best parent, child, friend, or neighbor.
It is impossible to be perfect.
We are naturally wired with loopholes as humans.
You will be overwhelmed by the pressure to be perfect, which can cause depression and anxiety.

This is what everyone needs!

12. Don’t Overthink

Overthinking and worrying about every aspect of your life is a bad habit.

It won’t make a difference if you worry too much. Do your best and let nature take care of everything else.

13. Live for You

Try to live your life fully.

If you live your life to please others, it will not lead to a happy outcome in the long-term.

It will eventually lead to resentment or regrets.

14. Forgive and move on

Forgive the people who have hurt you in the past, not for them, but for your peace. Find a way to navigate your life around them if they are unavoidable.

You will not grow spiritually or mentally if you hold on to hurts, grudges, and hatred.

It is not easy to do, but it is possible if you want happiness and growth in your life.

15. Enjoy the things you have in your life right now and be happy with them

Temporal contentment can often be the key to unlocking doors to more abundance in your life.

Enjoy what you have right now, and work towards your heart’s desires.

Blindly following your desires or wants will only lead you to lose the ones you already have.

In all!!!

It is more than rewarding a task to simplify your life in order to attract happiness.

These 15 tips will simplify your life and help you attract happiness, no matter how horrible you think your life feels right now.

“Happiness can be a personal decision… Choose to be happy!”

Let go of your worries and embrace happiness. You’ll be amazed at the doors that will open.

Simpler life is key to happiness and ….Happiness is the key for everything you have ever desired!

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