120 Cheap & Easy Fall Crafts For Adults

Get into the autumn spirit with these collections of 120 Cheap & Easy Fall Crafts For Adults. Be madly creative with charming DIY projects that capture the essence of the season, from cozy home decor to delightful accessories. Find the beauty of fall without breaking the bank. #FallCraftsForAdults

As fall approaches in just a few weeks, it’s a great time to start thinking about fun craft ideas for you, your family, and your friends.


We’re talking about things like painting pumpkins, both the carved and non-carved kind, making leafy garlands, and doing DIY projects that can be used for Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations.

Your kids are probably excited about these fall crafts, and it would be even more enjoyable if you joined in on the crafting fun with some ideas for adults.


There’s something special about getting everyone together for a day of crafting, especially when the weather starts to get cooler in the fall.

This season offers activities that you might not find in other months, like picking apples, going on hayrides, and enjoying the beautiful colors of the leaves.

While you’re doing all these things, you can collect leaves, apples, and pinecones to make beautiful fall decorations.

You can create cool wreaths and decorate your mantel and fireplace with carved pumpkins and candy corn garlands (though you can’t eat the garlands, unfortunately!).


The best part is that a lot of these craft ideas are easy for both beginners and experienced crafters. Even your little ones can help with painting, drawing, and cutting (with your supervision, of course).

So, grab your crafting supplies and get ready to make this fall season super cozy and amazing!

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120 Cheap & Easy Fall Crafts For Adults

120 Cheap & Easy Fall Crafts For Adults
120 Cheap & Easy Fall Crafts For Adults

Becky Luigart-Stayner

Crock Pumpkin Perch

This decoration really screams autumn! Decorate the porch or front stairs with a collection of mums and flat, wide pumpkins sitting atop crocks.

Becky Luigart-Stayner

Sack Pumpkins in Grain

For this year’s pumpkin decor, draw inspiration from a classic of the American countryside: vintage French grain sacks. To create a cozy fall greeting, put on display on the front porch, perhaps next to a bench with pillows covered in grain sacks.

Becky Stayner

Leaf-inspired pumpkins

With a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins that have been painted and decoupaged with leaf patterns, greet trick-or-treaters and well-wishers. To bulk out the display without adding additional work, include a ton of pumpkins in all sizes and hues.

fall wreath made from two different type of wheat hung on a brown door

Wheat Wreath

The common wheat wreath was given more texture and color by using two distinct kinds of wheat.

Annie Schlechter

pumpkin centerpiece made of fabric

Make your own custom pumpkin patch out of discarded fabric and old quilts. To make, begin with a ball of batting and a round piece of cloth (about the size you want your finished pumpkin to be).

The cloth should be gathered up around the batting, and the center should be hot glued. For a genuine touch, gather dried stems or buy artificial stems and glue them on. Place a runner along the center of a long farmhouse table before adding your masterpieces and other seasonal foliage. They would also make a sweet addition to a buffet or mantel.

Becky Stayner

Pumpkins with silver leafing

On green or blue-hued pumpkins like Jarrahdale, Blue Doll, Blue Moon, and Fairytale, these homemade shimmering leaves look fantastic.

Annie Schlechter

Pinecone & Leaves Napkin Rings

Cutouts of cloth in the shape of oak leaves are tied together with miniature pine cones that have been spray painted gold. To create a stylish dining arrangement, tie around napkins of the same hue.


Pumpkins painted with leaves

Not everyone will love carving pumpkins, especially if they dislike the sticky sensation that goes along with it. Before using glue, trace leaves onto tissue paper and cut them out.


Get the tutorial »


Hanging Pumpkin Planter

Before wrapping a rope or Macrame cord around the top of a plastic pumpkin, carve out the shape using a craft knife. Put your favorite plant in the vacant spot, then save your new planter for when you decide to transplant.


Get the tutorial at Club Crafted »


Thankfulness: Acorn Tree

An innovative approach to express your gratitude is with a gratitude tree. Homemade paper leaf and acorn ornaments can give the tree an autumnal look.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built »


Balloon and pumpkin centerpiece

Your table might get the update it needs to stand out with the help of the ideal centerpiece. Create a colorful focal point by blowing and tying together balloons, and then add real or fake pumpkins as a decorative finishing touch.


Get the tutorial at Club Crafted »


Amaryllis in paper

Why spend money on an amaryllis plant when you can make your own and have it last longer all month? This blogger created hers herself as a centerpiece and added gold flatware to improve the appearance.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built »


Jar of Halloween treats

Before spray painting your glass jar in a rainbow of hues, add a cute sticker. Paint in the colors orange, white, and yellow to resemble candy corn.


Get the tutorial at Club Crafted »


Luminaries Pumpkins

This concept allows you to make use of any surplus or unused candlesticks. Scoop out low-lying pumpkins, then insert taper candles. Give your sculpture a rustic and gloomy look by wrapping it in artificial vegetation.



White Bunting

By cutting pennants from thick construction paper, you may make a banner that is worthy of serving as the centerpiece of your mantel. You can leave them blank or type your desired message in full.



Bright Gourd Wreath

Decorate your walls or front door with a vibrant gourd wreath. Employ fall colors if you choose, or a rainbow color scheme.


Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed »


Pumpkin Checkers

Fans of crafts and games will appreciate this DIY pairing. As an entertaining substitute for the typical store-bought version. On a sizable wood board, use burnt orange craft paint to create 32 squares. You will need small white and orange pumpkins for your parts.



Pumpkin Embroidery Thread

Instead of a scary jack-o-lantern, choose a lovely pumpkin. Wrap each thread around the pumpkin 20 times (about) and glue the ends together for a quick splash of color. Repeat in as many different hues as you desire.



Small Pumpkin Wreath in Gold

Hang this wreath on your door in September and keep it up until Thanksgiving to get the most out of your DIY project. From beginning to end, it takes less than ten minutes: Place miniature plastic pumpkins in a circle around the wire wreath frame, glue them in place, and spray-paint the entire thing gold.



Pumpkins Inspired by Autumn

Keep in mind that you are merely carving the surface with these designs. Utilize Lino Cut tools for the carving and our templates (leaves, flowers, and acorns) together with washable chalk markers for tracing. To ensure that the pumpkins last as long as possible over the fall season, spray vinegar on them.


Pumpkins for gravestones

Let your Halloween and fall décor be inspired by old gravestones! Using a tall, black pumpkin, start by cutting out our headstone template. Before placing these eerie gourds on the front porch or lawn, add lights inside.


Yarn Wall Hanging

Create a beautiful wall hanging using a macrame gold hoop, chunky yarn, and oatmeal yarn. It may be left up long beyond fall. Hence, sewing is not necessary. You only need to be able to tie a simple knot!

Get the tutorial at Alice & Lois »


Burning Pumpkins

With lights inside for a spooky glow, these carved flame pumpkins will illuminate your environment. This flame pattern can be downloaded, traced, and cut out. To add your LED tealights, carve a hole from the bottom of the pumpkin.


Feather Pumpkin

Use washable chalk markers to draw the pattern on your gourd, and then use Lino Cut tools to remove the skin’s top layer. Use a combination of long and quick strokes to add texture. The design will then survive the season if vinegar is sprayed on it.


Pumpkins with candle carvings

Put these creative patterns on tall squash. You must first cut a circular aperture from the bottom. Afterward, download this candlestick template and use washable chalk markers to trace it. Place your new candlesticks over string lights for the glow after cutting along the design.


Raven, Pumpkin

Cut a circular aperture from the bottom of the pumpkin using your pumpkin carving tool. Scoop out the insides, then use washable chalk markers to trace this crow template onto the pumpkin. Put the pumpkin over a votive with LEDs or a string of lights.


Cheery Pom-Poms

Your plain or painted pumpkins should be adorned with pom-poms. To add them in rows or clusters and make your design stand out, use hot glue.


Paper Crepe Garlands

For a haunting yet autumnal effect, drape this garland across your mantel. An orange streamer roll’s edges should be lightly coated in dark RIT liquid dye and allowed to dry. Before cutting the thread, measure one yard, then stitch a simple running stitch down the middle of the streamer. Make several stitches through the paper’s top, then tie the thread. The garland can be made longer by continuing to thread through fresh layers of paper.



Drawn-On Pumpkins

Use melted crayons to achieve this drip-painted appearance. Melt crayons by placing them close to the pumpkin stem and using a low-heat hair drier. Changing the position of the pumpkins will affect how they melt. Before letting it dry completely, proceed to adorn the pumpkin all the way around.


Drink umbrellas made of spiderwebs

With a Cricut and 12×12 black craft paper, cut out the spider web umbrella template. Using a bone folder to score the straight lines that go to the center, fold the straight lines to form an umbrella shape. Enjoy your new drink decoration after hot-gluing the web’s center on a skewer stick!



Vampy Jack o’ Lantern

Who would have imagined a pumpkin vampire to be so attractive? Use an awl to make holes for the eyes. Before inserting two huge flower stalks, paint the pumpkin in the color of your choice. Be sure to leave room for the fangs.



Pumpkins with flower crowns

The fresh blossoms on this centerpiece make it a stunning home accent. By cutting flower stems one to two inches from the buds, you can make your own. Prior to inserting the buds, make a few tiny holes in the painted rinds. To keep your flowers fresh, mist them with water.



Crescent Flower Wreath

Where you hang this wreath is irrelevant. It will be noticed wherever it is placed. This one is simple to make by using thin grass to indicate the ends of the crescent shape. Fill in the center with a mixture of dried flowers, and then hot-glue everything to keep it all in place.



Covers for tombstone chairs

To keep the template in place, position it on your pillowcase and tape or pin the corners down. Place a few dots of black fabric paint where the stencils will be and let everything to totally dry.



Green Lanterns

With festive lanterns, give your porch a lush and gloomy atmosphere (particularly at night). This craft is made simpler with our leaf template. To make room for your lights, just scoop out the interior of the pumpkin.


Halloween Bandana Pumpkins

Halloween Bandana Pumpkins from Sadie Seasongoods

Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins 

Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins from A Night Owl

Rustic Wood Pumpkins

Rustic Wood Pumpkins from DIY Swank

Paper Roll Pumpkin craft

Paper Roll Pumpkins from Domestically Blissful

Book Page Pumpkin

Book Page Pumpkin from Creations by Kara

DIY Pumpkin Wine Glasses

DIY Pumpkin Wine Glasses from Freebie Finding Mom

plaid fall wreath

Plaid Fall Wreath

Fall leaves and plaid shirts go together like turkey and Thanksgiving! We adore the concept of combining those two traditional elements of fall into one cheery wreath.

rickrack pumpkin face

Halloween Rickrack Face

This charming pumpkin face may be made without any carving.

diy button napkin ring on a thanksgiving table

Button Napkin Ring

This place setting in muted tones is really adorable! How to make a napkin ring Either purchase wooden buttons or make little holes in rounds of wood. Tie napkins together by threading white yarn through the perforations.

rickrack frankenstein

Rickrack Frankenstein

Does he seem friendly or not? How could he be anything other than cute and cuddly with rickrack spool bolts?

cable knit sweater pumpkin

Snuggle Pumpkin

Come October 31st, silky yarn lengths braided into a pumpkin will keep you warm.

rickrack birdcage

Rickrack Birdcage

To make the wires of a frightening birdcage, wrap a large black piece of rickrack around a round pumpkin. Optional: a corvid friend!

painted farm scene pumpkin

Farm Scene Pumpkin, painted

With this pumpkin with an agricultural landscape painted on it, a full moon guards a swarm of bats.

ombré fall wreath made from corn husks

Autumn Wreath in Obrè

This wreath is the ideal accessory for the fall season thanks to its gorgeous combination of yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds. Nevertheless, we believe it would also look nice on your front porch in the spring and summer.

olive branch themed door decor with white pumpkins and a wine barrel

Grapevine Wreath and Garland

With this beauty, channel the wine valley of California.


Leaf napkin ring and place card

Nature is the theme of this classically fall-hued table.

cross stitch pumpkin of a tent and campfire

Pumpkins stitched by hand

With our tent and campfire, you can give your design a rustic character.

small gnome pumpkins with plaid wool hats and yarn beards

Dwarf pumpkins

Welcome visitors with these sweet petite gnome friends.

Framed Plastic Pumpkin

Framed Plastic Pumpkin from Creations by Kara

Pumpkin Pail Fall Door Decoration

Pumpkin Door Decor from Everyday Celebrating

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Craft

Pumpkin Craft With Mason Jar Lid from Surviving the Stores

Easy DIY Tin Can Pumpkins

Easy DIY Tin Can Pumpkins from Mixed Kreations

White Magnolia Pumpkin

Magnolia Pumpkin from Lolly Jane

DIY Farmhouse Pumpkin Bucket

DIY Farmhouse Pumpkin Bucket from A Night Owl

Distressed Pumpkin Craft

Distressed Pumpkins from The Kim Six Fix

Twine Pumpkins

Twine Pumpkins from Simply Albany

Paper Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin from Meaningful Mama

Paper Pumpkin Fall Craft

Paper Pumpkins from DIY Inspired


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