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Eat Healthy On a Budget Meal Plan For Less Than $10 a Day

Eat Healthy On a Budget Meal Plan

Do you know that you can eat your way to a healthy lifestyle for under $10 a day? See helpful tips to Eat Healthy On a Budget Meal Plan For Less Than $10 a Day

Do you also know that eating healthy does not have to be expensive at all?

It’s absolutely possible to save hundreds of dollars while eating very healthy meals.

The average person spends so much money every day for food, which racks up money far above transportation and so many other expenses.

Most people believe that in order to get the most out of the food they eat, it has to be expensive, because they believe quality meals are usually expensive.

But it’s not true at all, these days, they are healthy varieties of foods that cost less and are far healthier than so many other foods that we quantify as much healthier.

Here are some helpful tips to help you save money while eating healthy.

Eat Healthy On a Budget Meal Plan For Less Than $10 a DayEat Healthy On a Budget Meal Plan

1) avoid eating out

This is the magic!

If you must save money on food with a plan of eating more healthier, you need to stop eating out!

Not all fast food are even safe or healthy, you can only be sure of the food you cook yourself!

Most food vendors cook meals with unhealthy ingredients which you won’t even know about- and what about hygiene?

Do you think some of this food vendors are obeying any hygienic rules on the background?

These are things you should consider before purchasing food outside.

You may indirectly be blowing away so much money buying something that is not even healthy for you.

2) buy food items in bulk

Buying food in bulk will save you lots of money in a week and finally in a month.

You can stuff most of your perishable foods in a freezer to preserve them better, for example, food items like tomatoes can be bought in bulk and then washed, blended and cooked to a paste before packing into a jar and put into a refrigerator.

Such bulk meals ideas will not only save you money but make cooking less stressful and more interesting.

You can also buy things like meat, fish, chicken in bulk and then fry and refrigerate them.

It is very helpful to prepare meals on Sunday for the entire week to make cooking less stressful while developing a permanent habit to eat home-cooked meals.

3) prepare your own meals

Preparing your own meals is the best way of saving money and one of the best tips to live an intentional and more healthier life.

Cooking should not be stressful at all, just buy food in bulk and then prepare soup and stew in large quantities and put into your refrigerator.

Most food require either salad, stew, sauce or soup- so just cook large quantities of these and refrigerate for the whole week.

Preparing your own meals is one of the best ways to learn how to not spend money and save.

It will also improve your health, so it’s a win-win game all the way!

So to Eat Healthy On a Budget Meal Plan For Less Than $10 a Day, you need-

A Simple meal plan for under $10 a day

Breakfast✓one boiled eggs, fish sauce & Cooked potatoes.

Total $3

Lunch✓ half cup of beans, half cup of oats and shrimps.

Total $3

Dinner✓ grilled tofu, mayonnaise spread and a cup of green tea.

total $3

Daily Total $9

weekly total $63

You can also check out this long list of healthy means you can make for less than $10 in a day.

Eat Healthy On a Budget Meal Plan For Less Than $10 a Day

Other healthy tips

✓Drink eight ounces glasses of water everyday ✓Sleep for at least 6 hours every day

✓Do small regular exercises

✓Eat a balanced diet

✓Practice self-care

✓Maintain healthy weight.`

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