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6 Adulting Behaviors Draining-Up Your Personal Finance You Should Stop!

6 Adulting Behaviors Draining-Up Your Personal Finance

Being an adult is much easier than amassing Personal Finance.

The first thing you worry about as an adult after your health is money.

Your financial worries could get worst, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing or when you are 70 degrees immersed in debt trying to feel better in your adult skin.

Let me tell you one plain truth, whosoever designed the adage that one should live life to the fullest while alive and let tomorrow worry for itself; is just a joker!

Nothing ever gets better without proper planning.

Tomorrow cannot work out itself, you have to work it out today.

But have you ever imagined or wished to live a life where you do not have to worry about debt?

 A life where you are sick-free with lots of saved money should in case there’s ever an emergency in your life.

Nothing in this world can ever surpass these feelings.

Not your wardrobe filled with all the newest trends, not those cabinets upon cabinets filled with Nike sneakers.

If you want this type of life, then know that it can only come from proper planning or except you are blessed with a free money source.

If you really want to live this type of life, then you have to take charge now.

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It’s no storytelling, people live this kind of life.

I live this kind of life! And it will be better if every single person wants to, or works towards achieving it.
Debt and a junk-filled life eat up one’s personal development, peace of mind, and good health.

This is no brainer, if you must live debt-free and successful, then you must cut out-

These adulting behaviors that is draining up your Personal Finance and wasting away your life purpose

1) Car Addiction

Yeah! some people are addicted to cars and not just any cars, but highly functional cars.

Without a doubt, people who are addicted to cars are already neck-deep into debt or are headed Just there if they are not natural millionaires.

Some people even go as far as taking loans to buy cars, I wonder who they are trying to please?

Trust me, if you are my neighbor, then you’ll be nothing but a fool to me.

Check out someone buying a car worth $20,000 dollars or more with a loaned money and then earning less than $10,000  in a year.

The same car that will take at least $100 fuel on a weekly basis, servicing for $50 every month or every other month, and then after a while, the car starts to need new parts-

Which is most likely going to cost you thousands of dollars even if it is possible that you’ve not finished paying off the debt of purchase of the car.

Can there be any sense in indulging in car addiction if you are not very wealthy?

2) Alcohol Addiction- 6 Adulting Behaviors Draining-Up Your Personal Finance

How interesting! The same alcohol that is killing you slowly, is still the culprit taking away more than half of your salary.

Cooling off at a fancy restaurant drinking $50-$200 alcohol is not a way of relaxing after a hefty day, but it is certainly a way of keeping you an average person, while adding to your financial stress.

Instead of drinking alcohol which takes away your health and money, why not mix up some fresh juice and put it in the fridge for when you get back from work.

You can relax quietly in your sitting room watching a movie and sipping the cool juice.

It will not only save you money but will keep you healthy. 

So it’s is a win-win game all the way!

3) Shopping Madness is one of the 6 Adulting Behaviors Draining-Up Your Personal Finance

Who gets an award for a cabinet full of junk, unused clothes?

Impulsive shopping especially for wears is where most women dive into debt.

I mean, is there any fashion sense in a closet filled with unpaid dresses?

As to what ends?

If at the end of the day, you go begging your next-door friend for financial assistant who you think you are more fashionable than.

You take all your savings, salaries- both current and advance to buy wears that will fill up a closet and at the end of the day you asked your frugal-drab friend for money assistance.

Who do you think is more charismatic or fashionable between you two?

There’s only one way to stop shopping madness and that is if you see yourself past wearing expensive clothes to please people.

If you measure your worth past putting on costly dresses.

Personality is not in designer clothes. personality is in your choice of living, how you carry yourself, compose yourself, and above all choosing a debt-free life.

And for the record, don’t ever believe Frugal people don’t know fashion.

Fashion is definitely not burying yourself deep in debt just to make a statement!

Nobody said you should not look fashionable but do not go to the extreme of going into debt because of it.

4) Living In More Space Than You Need

Do you know that as a bachelor earning less than $500 a month, you do not need a big house or apartment?

A big apartment will drain your Personal Finances in different ways.

i) You need to furnish a big apartment with too much furniture that you cannot afford before it starts looking homely.

ii) A big apartment will take more than two hands to clean.

You will definitely have to pay more than one person to clean the house, else it starts to rotten and breeds different types of insects including dangerous reptiles.

iii) Renovating such a house can eat up all your personal finance.

A house can be one funny stress, one moment everything is looking tidy and too appealing, and another time everywhere is all dilapidated, broken and needing several fixes at a time.

But a small apartment will save you all this stress.

A little of everything will perfectly suit the small space.

As I always maintained, no one needs a big apartment if you are not a full-fledged millionaire, all you need is a portable, polished and clean apartment.

You can read a personal opinion from thewalletmoth, if you’re up for house-sharing

5) Too Much Partying

Excessive partying habits can burn off your personal finance more quickly than you realize.

Some people don’t just go partying but prefer Hosting parties at various times in their houses.

If you are wondering how partying eat-up Personal Finance, then here is how;

You need to organize food and drinks,

You need to buy new dresses,

You may need organizational help which you will most likely pay for and so many other unplanned expenses.

Partying is just an unnecessary adulting behavior.

You need to stop partying to save money, that is if you ever dream of retiring early or old, without getting miserable and immersed in dept.

To curb your partying addiction, you need;

i) An absolute resolution to stop partying and stick to it. 

ii) Cut out a few friends.

You only need a handful of friends who understand you and who are able to bring out the best in you.

One can easily lose themselves while surrounded by too many friends.

When you have friends who party like crazy, then you won’t be able to stop partying too.

What you need to do now is start a business, Invest or keep aside hustle

6) Unplanned Travels

Personal Finance management

Travelling is fun but can be a pain too especially when they are unplanned.

Unplanned traveling can easily eat up your Personal Finances in cases of emergency flights which you will probably be paying double for.

What of unchecked destinations?

You can end up spending a lot of money on accommodation, food, and other day-to-day necessity if you do not properly plan your travel. 

One should endeavor to never UP and TRAVEL without proper planning.

Adults incur excessive traveling expenses for a whole lot of reasons; 

  • Luggage
    • Food
    • Accommodation
    • Airfare
    • Stay Permit

A pre-planned trip can be a whole lot cheaper than you can imagine, so it is advisable to always pre-plan any travel with full knowledge of all your stay details.

7) For the love of Gadgets

Personal Finance management

The love of gadgets can be the beginning of your financial downfall especially when you are a mid-level or low-level salary earner.

I was guilty of this when I was much younger.

I saved up all my money just to buy a high-end phone.

I was super surrounded by so many high-end gadgets; I had a PC, Camera, IPad, iPod, DVD, Bluetooth headsets, Adapters, phones, and bracelets.

In fact, I had numerous of them.

So many adults are guilty of this, and some go to the extreme of loaning money just to acquire these Gadgets.

The painful truth is that they’re just liabilities draining up personal finance, they can easily get lost stolen or damaged, and then it’s all for nothing!

I am not saying you shouldn’t use gadgets. Gadgets are necessary!

I myself can’t live without them, but I try to get those that are within my budget.

It is very easy to cut off all these adulting behaviors that are eating up your personal finance if you ever want to become financially free.

And to be free from financial worries, one has to master a little bit of personal finance management.

Managing your personal finance can help you save lots of money.

You might want to check out this secret Frugal Lifestyle of millionaires.

Be rest assured, it is not an extreme Frugal tip.

I am certainly not an extreme frugality but a minimalist who still enjoys the good things money can buy.

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