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I Stop Spending Money On These 10 Things (saved me $3000 in 6 months)

I Stop Spending Money On These 10 Things (saved me $3000 in 6 months)

A money-saving challenge to save $3000 in 6 months is totally doable!

You can also try the “save money 52-week challenge” to raise more money in a year.

I never knew saving money could be so much fun until I embraced minimalism and frugal living. I finally learned how not to spend money and save. ( I Stop Spending Money On These 10 Things (saved me $3000 in 6 months))

It was one of the best decisions I made 2 years ago, I mean nothing gives you more joy than counting the total amount of money you have saved in a week, month, or even a year… it’s just so much fun, I don’t know about you?

The money-saving challenge is one of the best tricks to up your financial status and build-saving quicker.

If you are one of those wondering why you should even bother with a money-saving challenge, then I will tell you.

✓ money Saving challenge is the best way to learn how to save money.

✓a money-saving challenge could help you reach your financial goals.

✓ a money-saving challenge is the best way to save up your emergency funds.

✓ money saving challenge is the best way to buy your dream house.

✓ Money-Saving Challenge will teach you how to manage your personal finances better.

✓ money-saving challenges could cure your emotional spending habit.

So why wait?… let’s just start saving!!!

Curious to know the things rich people don’t buy to never be broke, let’s run through some of those.
  1. Rich people don’t buy debt;  they are never caught hands down in debt.
  2. Rich people avoid expensive airfare. It makes no sense to pay exorbitantly just to take a few hours trip especially when you’re trying to be debt-free.
  3.  rich people avoid high maintenance cars.
  4. Rich people don’t buy expensive houses that require high maintenance.
  5.  Rich people do not buy things on impulse like most people on a low income do.

50 Money-Saving Challenge to Start According to Your Earnings

Earlier this year, I started a money-saving challenge to save $3000 in 6 months and here are the 10 things I stopped buying in other to save $3000 in 6 months.

I Stop Spending Money On These 10 Things (saved me $3000 in 6 months)

I Stop Spending Money On These 10 Things (saved me $3000 in 6 months)

1.I stopped paying for expensive hairdo

My hairdo was one of the expenses that was taken away so much of my money, and do you even know what?- everything on our hair is getting more and more expensive.

Wigs, attachments, dryers, hair vitamins, hairsprays, relaxers, shampoo, conditioners are becoming super expensive now.

I realized I was spending $12 every 10 days for my head which amounted to $36 in a month.

I eventually cut my hair and maintained a very good-looking low cut which saved me $215 in 6 months.

To tell you the truth, I have never felt more happier and free!

I can bath my whole body- ‘head-to-toes,’ get free air around my head and worry less about the smell.

2. I stop buying coffee and creamer

Earlier this year, I was so addicted to coffee and creams! I relied heavily on it to boost my strength and mental clearance.

I was spending $20 every month on coffee and creams- I switched to lemon and honey water later on during my saving challenge.

It did so much good to my health!

Lemon and honey water helped me shed some weight and reduced my appetite and cravings for sugar.

Also increased my bone strength and endurance, plus, I was able to save $120 in the 6 months I stopped drinking coffee.

Tips to Saving Money-How to Eat Healthy For Less Than $10 a Day

3. I stop paying for cable subscriptions

Cable subscriptions are so expensive, plus they’re not even worth the while.

My finances tripled the day I decided to use the extra time I was spending watching TV to do something productive.

I mean, who has benefitted from watching TV?

I was paying $55 a month for a package with DStv, so I was able to save $330 in just 6 months by switching to a free plan with a regular satellite.

I also pay $6 a month for Netflix and that is, the month when I start missing some crazy action movies and a little background noise in my house.

4. I stopped paying for phone subscriptions/Data

Phone subscriptions are getting crazily expensive, I mean, you can seriously lose so much money just browsing the internet and going through social media.

And the worst part is; staying too long on your phone is not even healthy for your eyes plus, your time is ruined when you have an unhealthy addiction to your phone.

You know, I was paying $25 in a month for 20GB for no serious reasons at all, other than checking out what a money-making celebrity is wearing on Instagram!

It is so bad that social media is making us lose so much money while en-reaching our entertainers.

I finally call it quit earlier this year and I was able to save $120 in 6 months by sticking to a prime subscription.

I seriously limited social media by 70% and my browsing addiction which help me to stay on 3GB a month bought for $4. I also reduced my phone subscription lists to 2 at a time.

5. I stop buying mouthwash- I Stop Spending Money On These 10 Things (saved me $3000 in 6 months)

Mouthwash became a recent addiction I started indulging in earlier this year and it was seriously ruining my budget, plus, I still have to brush my teeth with toothpaste even after using the mouthwash.

What a waste!

You won’t even believe the funny thing I did instead, I started using a more concentrated toothpaste that was 80% antibacterial which helped doused my love for mouthwash.

The toothpaste was so strong, I mean, the mint in it was very strong that I stopped needing mouthwash.

I was buying a bottle of mouthwash for $10 and it lasted for just a month, so I was able to save $60 in 6 months plus my teeth feel even whiter and healthier.

But from time to time when I begin to miss it, I add some cooking salt to 3 tablespoons of mint to flush and it’s super cool!!!

6. I started a daily money saving challenge

I stuck to a daily money-saving challenge which helped me to stop buying so many little things that were not necessary.

I stopped buying soft drinks, scrubs, burgers in those six months and I was able to save up those daily changes in a piggy bank and I got $155 at the end of 6 months challenge.

7. I stop buying makeup

I Stop Spending Money On These 10 Things (saved me $3000 in 6 months)

I had an unhealthy love for makeup that I don’t even apply every day.

I could not help myself from buying a fine bottle of foundation or a good package of powder!

Every month, I bought a new bottle because I either got bored of my previous bottle or they just got ruined because of improper storage.

I was buying a bottle for over $10 and I was able to save over $60 in 6 months. The good news is, even after the six-month saving challenge, I don’t buy them anymore.

I stick to my old bottles and use them minimally throughout the week.

8. I decluttered and sold all my excess stuffs

Minimalism was one of the best things that happened to me a few years ago.

Minimalism gave me the mind to sell off portable things that I love keeping but don’t really need.

I had so many things I was not actually using in my house!

I had three extra center cupboards, extra dining chairs, too many mattresses, about 3 babysitters for my three growing kids, too many new kids clothes I didn’t remember to wear for them before they over-grew them.

I had old and new bags, plus shoes, lying in a corner for months even years untouched.

I sold all of this excess baggage and I was able to make an extra $1000 from all of them!

9. I started saving extra $150 every month

I started a fixed monthly saving challenge of 150 dollars which I take out from my monthly earnings and put aside in a separate savings account.

In 6 months’ time, I was able to save $1000.

Although it was my hardest saving challenge because I had to cut out so many things to be able to keep up with the challenge, in the end, it was totally worth it!

I cut down and save money on car insurance, I stop acquiring debts or more debt consolidation loans, got more debt helpers, and finally tackle debt.

I learned how to save money on groceries, save money on gas, cut my electric bill, save money on food, live below my means, and have free fun without spending money.

10. I stopped weekend quick fixes

To be able to achieve this, I had to ditch some friends who were making me spend so much money on this spree weekend fixes.

Our weekend fixes constitute; quick appetizers/dinner, a little bit of drink, cinema, and spa treatments.

It was really fun while it lasted, I mean, every Saturday or Sunday we picked a hot location to do most of these things and it was taking a hell of our finances.

So in all, these are the above expenses I had to cut off in order to save $3000 in 6 months.

I Stop Spending Money On These 10 Things (saved me $3000 in 6 months)

How to not spend money and save In 7 Steps

Have you ever been able to save up so much money by cutting off things?

What were your success tips?

Tell me in the comment section below.

Let’s hit off!

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