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41 Sites To Search For Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs That Pay Well

41 Sites To Search For Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs That Pay Well

Virtual assistants are usually employed to support businesses and individuals by handling customer service, administration, data entry, word processing, file management, and law administrative work.

They also proofread legal documents and manage social media. Virtual assistants don’t need to be in an office. They can work from home and perform all their tasks. Virtual assistant positions are flexible and can be done in your own time.


You can work remotely from your computer, tablet, or laptop, even if you’re a mom who is busy.

Common Types Of Virtual Assistant Jobs

  • Data entry
  • Customer Service
  • Administrative Task
  • Managing calendars & scheduling
  • Emails can be replied to
  • Set up appointments
  • Handling voicemail messages
  • Marketing via digital
  • Management of Events
  • Transcription
  • Translate
  • Proofreading/Editing
  • Prepare financial statements/bookkeeping records
  • Write Content
  • Design
  • Data Processing (MS Word ,Excel, etc)
  • Do some research
  • Chat Support
  • Tech Support
  • Telephone Support
  • Shopify Support
  • Zendesk Support
  • Projekt Management

How much does a virtual assistant make?

Virtual assistants are paid hourly. An hourly wage for a US virtual worker is $10-15. This will depend on the level of your experience, how large your company is, as well as what budget you have for the project.

You can make between $20 and $50 an hour if you are working with large VA firms. You can earn more money if you offer high-quality services.

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41 Sites To Search For Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs That Pay Well

41 Sites To Search For Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs That Pay Well

1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs, another popular online job site, offers hundreds of high-paying virtual assistant positions. There are many opportunities to work from home. It is possible to make decent money.

2. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another popular job site where you can find a variety of virtual assistant jobs paying a decent amount. You can work from home and earn extra money while you relax.

3. Indeed

You can also find high-paying virtual assistant jobs on Indeed, another online job marketplace. High-ranking companies have posted jobs at an impressive rate. Working from home can bring in decent cash.

4. 247 Virtual Assistant

247 Virtual Assistants offer administrative work, including document filling, writing, and management. You can expect to be paid according to your experience and skills. Expect to earn between $8 and $12 an hour. You will receive essential training before you start working. Only US citizens are eligible to apply for remote VA jobs. They also have a strong selection process. You can take a chance.

5. VaVa Virtual Assistants

VaVa Virtual Assistants has well-paid remote assistant jobs, with a minimum wage of $15 an hour. At least one year of experience in remote working is required. To work with them, you must have technical knowledge. The applicant must be a US citizen. You will need to communicate well with clients and schedule appointments. They must take full responsibility for their work.

6. Vasumo

Vasumo offers work from home VA jobs for people in the USA and Canada. You can choose from a variety of virtual services, including online marketing, social media marketing and data entry.

They also offer customer service, problem solving and other types of work. They pay a flat rate. You must have at least 2 years of experience working remotely as an assistant. You can find work all year. Earn between $10 and $15 an hour.

7. Boldly

Boldly, another company that hires talented workers for remote work, is also well-known. Their most common roles include executive assistant, social media manager and online marketing specialist, as well as data entry, customer service, project manager, and data entry. All of the work is 100% remote and done from home.

The applicant must be a US citizen and have some experience in remote work. They offer a great pay rate and 100% flexibility. You may be considered for permanent virtual employment if you are able to show improvement in your performance. Only jobs are available within the USA

8. Wonder

Wonder, a US-based company that employs remote virtual assistants to do online research, is well-known. This job is for you if you enjoy doing internet research. The client will provide you with a topic to research on and then you must collect information about it.

They are very well paid. The average research project will earn you $30-40, depending on whether Wonder charges $70 or not. Wonder is only available for hire in the USA and Canada.

9. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is an IKEA partner. You can use their website to connect with people within your locality or beyond. It’s a great way to earn extra money by helping others. To work on their platform, you must have a few years of experience. You must also work at least 15 hours per week during business hours. Expect to earn between $10 and $15 an hour.

10. Zirtual

Zirtual has many remote jobs that are well-paid. Since 2011, they have been providing VA services. They provide VA services starting in 2011. Zirtual gives their VA workers 40-50% of the clients’ plan. You can earn between $8 and $10 per hour if the client pays $20 per hour.

Zirtual is only available for hire within the USA. It is easy to find VA jobs. To work with them, you must have strong skills and experience. You must work within their working hours.

11. Time Etc

The company offers highly paid virtual assistant positions. Your primary responsibility is to manage travel and schedule management, filling out forms, and other administrative tasks. You can make more money if you are a good writer, blogger, or social media manager.

12. Fancy Hands

The company offers high-paying virtual assistant jobs. This company is ideal for those with excellent communication skills. This job requires a laptop, earphones, and high-speed Internet access. They charge $5-10 per task.


Only experienced business people are hired by this company. They have at least five years’ experience. You can apply for jobs if you have excellent communication skills and business experience. They pay up to $20 an hour and you must work minimum 20 hours per week.

14. Assistant Match

Assistant Match is a well-respected virtual service provider who has been working with clients for over 10 years. They have a strong selection group that screens and selects all applicants. They only hire US-based virtual assistants.

The average hourly rate is $15. They are responsible for setting up appointments, customer service, research & planning and data entry & process. You will receive all the necessary training and resources to help you become a successful virtual worker. No education is required. However, you will need to have excellent communication skills and be dedicated.

15. Vicky Virtual

This company offers high-paying jobs as virtual assistants. This job entails answering all incoming calls. They make $10 an hour. This job is for people who can speak fluently. This job requires you to be a citizen of the USA.

16. Paragon Planners

The company offers both part-time and full-time virtual assistant positions. This job is great if you are able to work long hours. It is your main responsibility to manage all administrative tasks, including event management, support, and marketing.

17. 99 Dollar Social

This company offers virtual assistant positions for social media management. This job is suitable for those with experience in social media. It is possible to work for 5-6 hours online and sometimes manage conference calls. They can be paid weekly or monthly.


The company employs virtual assistants for a variety of tasks. This job entails answering all incoming calls, booking appointments and replying to them. Temporary employees are hired.

19. Upwork

Upwork is a well-respected freelance marketplace that offers thousands of part-time and full-time virtual assistant positions. Full-time VA jobs can earn you up to $10,000. It is easy to receive payment. Payouts can be made directly through PayPal or your bank account.

20. Fiverr

Fiverr allows you to sell your services on a freelance marketplace. You can list and price your service. Virtual assistant tasks can be as high as $200.

21. Virtual Assist USA

41 Sites To Search For Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs That Pay Well

Virtual Assist USA is another old company that offers remote virtual jobs to the USA person or agent. They hire as an employee so you have to work virtually during their business hours. Most of their works are projects.

You have to complete the work before deadline. Dedication is required. You can expect $10-$15 per hour. It varies according to your skills and experiences. You can try their jobs if you have at least few years experience.

22. Byron

Byron is a fairly new company that offers quality VA remote jobs to skilled and experienced person. Most of their works are online data entry, bookkeeping, transcription, translation, editing, customer support, graphic design, administrative work, etc.

They pay rate is great. You can make up to around $10-$12 per hour. You have at least 3 years experience in VA field. They provide both part-time and full-time jobs. Byron pay monthly via PayPal.

23. Redbutler

Redbutler is another popular VA service provider company based in USA that hires remote VA workers as an independent contractor, part-time worker, freelancer, or dedicated employee.

Most of their works include travel management, scheduling, digital marketing, social media management, customer support, word & excel processing, analysis, etc. Redbutler provides project based jobs. You can expect up to $12 per hour.

24. Equivityva

Equivityva is a US-based VA service provider company that hires only skilled and experienced remote virtual worker as an independent contractor, team, or agent. As they hire only specialists, their pay rate starts at $40/hour.

You must have a college degree and few years experience to work with them. They offer both part-time and full-time VA jobs. You must be dedicative and highly responsive. They pay via PayPal.

25. Virtual Gal Friday

Virtual Gal Friday is another old VA service provider company that hire many remote work from home virtual jobs. Most jobs are administrative work, answering calls, customer support, report & document preparation, etc.

They also provide VA jobs in medical, accounting, and legal fields. According to your experience, you can earn up to $20 per hour. You have a bachelor degree to work with them. They hire as an employee. you must be available during their official time.

26. Rei Assistant

Rei Assistant is another popular US-based virtual service provider company that offers remote work from home jobs that include customer support, administrative work, data input & processing, social media marketing, setting appointments, etc.

Most of their clients are real estate company and brokers. Phone call is required to do these jobs. They pay via PayPal once per week. Their pay rate is around $7-$10 per hour. No educational background required.

27. Contemporary VA

Contemporary VA is a US-based virtual job provider company that hires globally. They only hire VA from native English countries. Good communication skills is required to do work with them.

The majority works are administrative tasks, planning, research, writing, email marketing, setting appointments, customer service, etc. You must be responsive and dedicated. They do not want formal educational certificate. They will offer both full-time and part-time works.

28. Remote

Remote is a popular freelance marketplace where you can find a lot of freelance remote virtual works. The average pay rate is around $10-$15 per hour. No previous experience needed. You have to sign up and search for jobs in your location.

29. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is one of the largest US community that have a lot of remote virtual works. Big companies and clients are offering VA jobs through their network. You have to search in your location to find the desired jobs.

30. RemoteOK

RemoteOK is another popular freelance job marketplace where you can find thousands of remote virtual works from leading companies or clients. The pay rate is good. You need to search and find the desired job. Both beginners and experts can work in this platform. You have to maintain a job profile and portfolio.

31. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a largest professional network of the world. All the companies and professionals have profiles here. They often offer many remote virtual jobs here. You just need to search with location to find the desired jobs.

Most of the works on this network pay $10-$15 per hour. LinkedIn is a professional network, so you have to complete your profile 100%. You can contact personally by sending massage to the clients.

32. Freelancer

Freelancer is another well-known freelance marketplace where you will find thousands of remote jobs such as virtual assistant tasks, administrative work, data entry, graphic design, programming, customer service & support, typing, data processing, digital marketing, writing, editing, etc.

You have an attractive profile having all biodata. Apply for jobs and wait for reply. Both beginners and professionals can work in the marketplace. They have several payment options such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, etc. They hire VAs worldwide.

33. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is another freelance marketplace that provides many types of virtual jobs such as data entry, digital marketing, writing, design, administrative tasks, etc. Same as Freelancer, you have to complete your profile and apply for jobs.

Jobs are open for both beginners and experts. The pay rate varies according to your skill and experiences. Anyone from any location can apply for jobs here.

34. Clickworker

Clickworker is another small marketplace that provides different types of virtual jobs such as writing, data processing, proofreading, translating, transcription, marketing, etc. You can set a time to work with them. Their pay rate is great. No experience needed.

35. Gabbyville

Gabbyville provides virtual jobs that need calling. Most of their clients are in the following department: banking, real estate, accounting, media, health care, hospital, etc. They are looking for talented VAs. You have to receive and answer the calls. Good communication skill is required. You have to be available on their business time.

37. Team Delegate

Virtual assistants are available for hire by Team Delegate in the USA. Their services include travel and event management, transport, email management, meeting scheduling, social media management & management, and more. At least three years of experience in the VA field is required. A good understanding of MS Word, Excel, and other computer programs is required. You will need high-speed internet. They have a very attractive rate.

38. Moving Forward

Move Forward provides private services. Many of their clients work in the “mental healthcare” industry. Apply for jobs. After you have been approved, your profile is uploaded to the company’s website. At least two years of experience is required. You must be available during business hours.

39. Appjobs

Appjobs offers thousands of jobs, including remote virtual jobs. You can make extra income from home by working on the site as a teacher, mom, or freelancer. You can find part-time, flexible and well-paid work from home opportunities. You can work anywhere.

40. Smart Workers Home

Smart Workers Home offers many remote jobs from home that include virtual assistant positions. For their services, they hire employees and freelancers. There are many types of jobs available. Search for your desired job in your area. The pay rate is excellent and payments are made either monthly or weekly.

41. Virtual Office Temps

Virtual Office Temps, also known as (VOT), is an established virtual service company that offers many different types of jobs. You don’t need any previous experience or a degree. Join the site and you can apply for jobs.

Numerous clients have posted their jobs to their website. Most jobs include travel management, scheduling, travel management and make presentations. The rate of pay will vary depending on the project.



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