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How to Become a Fashion Designer With No Money

How to Become a Fashion Designer With No Money

Most of us carry big dreams of starting a small business and finally achieving our entrepreneurial dream.

But money is a serious constrain to good business ideas, most people with the best business ideas do not have the money to carry out their dreams and finally materializing a business from nothing.


Fashion design is a good business and starting a business as a fashion designer will help you achieve financial independence and make you a lifetime income for as long as you’re ready to continue the business.

Fashion is a big thing because everybody wears fashion, nobody can go out of their houses without wearing a dress and every dress worn by anyone was made by a fashion designer.


So dreaming of a career in the fashion line is a very good one and absolutely rewarding.

So you want to know how to become a fashion designer when you are absolutely broke or without a single dime, then there’s a way you can go around that.

How to Become a Fashion Designer With No Money
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First off, you need to start making fashion sketches on a catalog, Journal, or notepad.

When you become better with some weeks of practice, then start uploading some of your designs on a social media platform that you are most frequent or enjoy.

While other social media platforms are not a bad idea, I generally prefer Instagram because there you can easily connect to fashion brands and they will get to notice your work.


You can grow your brand by continuously uploading new fashion sketches, reaching out to fashion brands and showcasing your sewing talents.

How to Become a Fashion Designer With No Money

You can get lucky enough to have several brands at a time willing to sponsor your fashion business or hiring you to make a whole new fashion line for their business.

Over time, you may start getting small orders from individuals or small brands to make dresses for them while they foot both sewing bills and your necessary equipment.

So what type of sketches should you make?

You can make several type of fashion sketches based on your inspiration and the type of designs you can make.

You can make ladies on runways, shows, parties, a lady sitting, standing.

You can make different type of dresses from jumpsuits, gowns, skirts, blouses, lingries and any type of fashion drawing that you can come up with.

What equipments you will need?

It all depends on what you want to start with but, a pen and a paper is the basic material you need to start making your fashion sketches.

You can also get colours and painters to highlight your drawings and make more sense.

How to Become a Fashion Designer With No Money
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This is the best way to start a side hustle/career as a fashion designer when you are broke or without a single dime.

If you’re 18 years or below without the funds to get equipment and run your business, you can easily start a fashion sketch on Instagram or Facebook and showcase to your tribe so they start patronizing you.

This is how to become a fashion designer in 2021 and above with no money and no single capital or equipment.

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