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50 Money-Saving Challenge to Start According to Your Earnings

Want to start saving money?

Here are 50 money saving challenge according to your earnings!

Embracing healthy money saving challenge, is one of the best inspiration to kick-start a permanent saving goals in you.

We all know saving money can be very hard!!!

On average, no one likes to save money!

We all feel better spending money, but when you work your a** off for your money, then you should do yourself a favour by getting the best maximum returns for your hard work-

Which is; by saving them for something worthwhile.

Saving money shouldn’t be difficult at all, just follow your earnings and a good budget.

No one is saying you should save up all your money and live a painstaking frugal life that will leave you miserable.

For me, I am much more happier and comfortable saving up 40% of my earnings and anything more than that, could become challenging and uncomfortable for me.

When you are just starting out on saving money, it is not advisable to take advice from painstaking frugal people who will most likely get you frustrated and miserable about the whole money saving thing.

I am not a bare-boned frugalist and neither will I advise anyone to live a very cheap stake life!

Because, in order for anyone to be happy, they have to love the life they live to some extent, and enjoy a little bit of comfort that only money can bring.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try a painstaking savings during one or more months that you wish to achieve something tangible with your money, which is totally understandable and necessary.

And money-saving challenges are the best ways to set a tight budget to meet up your money saving challenge.

For example, you might be a stay-at-home mum who suddenly wants to start a small business of her own or a worker who intends to start a side hustle.

All of these are part of the good reasons why you should start up a money saving challenge.

50 money saving challenge to start according to your earnings

Here is a list of 50 money saving challenge to start according to your earnings.

Money saving challenge for housewives ( 50 Money-Saving Challenge to Start According to Your Earnings)

Saving money without a defined job can be a uncomfortable.

But nonetheless, you can still find a way around saving a few penny or dollar here and there.

Start with your regular piggy bank.

start saving $1 everyday.

Day 1. $1

Day 2. $1

Day 3. $1

Day 4. $1

Day 5 $1

Day 6. $1

Day 7. $1

End of the month $30

End of the year

Weekly money saving challenge for one income family ( 50 Money-Saving Challenge to Start According to Your Earnings)

This could be one of the best ways of saving emergency funds.

Every week.

Monday-save $1

Tuesday-save $2

Wednesday-save $3

Thursday-save $4

Friday-save $5

Saturday- save $6

Sunday- save $7

Repeat each week to save $1450 for your emergency funds.

Yearly money-saving Challenge for working moms ( 50 Money-Saving Challenge to Start According to Your Earnings)

January-save $25

February-save $50

March-save $75

April- save $100

May-save $125

June-save $150

July-save $50

August-save $125

September- save $100

October-save $75

November-save $50

December- save $25

Total $1,050

Few months money saving challenge for two-income families.

week 1 save $50

week 2 save $75

week 3 save $125

week 4 save $50

week 5 save $100

week 6 $125

Week 7 save $75

week 8 save $50

week 9 save $100

week 10 saves $75

week 11 save $100

week 12 save $75

Total $1000

6 months money-saving challenge to start a side hustle

First month save $60

Second month save $100

Third month save $60

Fourth month save $120

Fifth month save $60

Sixth month save $100

Total $500

12 months saving challenge for salary earners.

First month save $65

Second month save $85

3rd month save $90

Fourth month save $80

Fifth months save $65

Sixth months save $95

7th month $90

8th months save $95

9th month save $65

10th month save $95

11th month save $90

12-month save $85


You can also tailor your savings personally according to your earnings to see what you can put together on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Where to save your money?

It is usually best to save your money in any secure high-yield savings accounts.

You can research one in your area and then pick ones that match your preferences.

For low currencies, use your regular piggy bank.

See some of the adulting behaviours that could be draining your personal finance.

Ready to start investing? then look up this post form dough roller on how to invest your first $100

What do you think or rather how do you save money every month?

Let’s start a conversation below!

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50 Money-Saving Challenge to Start According to Your Earnings.

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