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10 Powerful Money Habits Rich People Have That Poor People Don’t.

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Wondering habits rich people have that poor people don’t?

Habits driving them towards endless success which you simply can’t achieve?


Then here are10 habits rich people have that you don’t that are actually copy-worthy.

10 Powerful Money Habits Rich People Have That Poor People Don’t.

1. Multiple streams of income

 The average millionaire has 7 streams of income.


 They don’t depend on one income stream or just get a job and go relax and earn paycheck-to-paycheck, they earn money to make more money.

Their income streams include; their primary job, real estate income, side hustle income, interest/dividends, and Co-partnership jobs.

They don’t put their eggs in one basket, they diversify their income.

2. They avoid debt 

10 Powerful Money Habits Rich People Have That Poor People Don't

Rich people avoid debt as much as they can and pay off one as quickly as they can.


The best way to become rich is to avoid debt since debt can hurt your credit score, quality of life, ability to open a business, self-improvement, and chances for a beneficial retirement.

Overall, high-interest debts are generally life-threatening and can rob you of your future happiness.

3. They create a plan

Every dollar owned by rich people has a purpose because they always create a plan of action for them. They create a plan by starting a budget, tracking their budget, reviewing their budget and discovering new opportunities to improve their finances.

 These are not easy habits to master, they take time, consistency, and discipline to maintain but eventually, these are habits that make rich people get richer while the poor simply can’t deal. 

4. They build businesses

Rich people are often great businessmen/women. They are often known to build long-lasting businesses; they take advantage of tax deductions, tax advantages, personal liability protection, and understand business structures.

All this knowledge put together helps them build a long-lasting Empire that makes money generation after generation.

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5. They are 401k millionaires

Rich people are usually 401k millionaires. 

They know how to take the 401k advantage, look out for 401k opportunities and maximize their benefits to increase and double their personal finance. 

To be a 401k millionaire; you need to invest early, invest consistently, look out for employers’ increases, Investments with raises, and with time and consistency, you can be a 401k millionaire. 

6. They invest

Rich people are usually good investors. they don’t just save but invest. They take advantage of compound interest- “compound interest” as they say, is the “8th wonders of the world” 

Rich people invest in themselves, their network, their businesses, their retirement, and their future.

They usually start early because investments are good when you start early to take advantage of the compound interest and build a wonder.

No need to wait anymore, you need to start today to build a better tomorrow where you won’t need to think of money. 

Rich people are often known to spend their money wisely too. They don’t binge buy things they don’t need to impress people you don’t even like.

Instead of buying luxuries like cars, the latest fashion, big houses, and costly liabilities, they invest in themselves, early retirement, children, and also build businesses. 

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7. They automate bills and investments

 Automating your investment and bills is a strategy to drive growth and consistency without dedicating too much time and stress to them.

Bill automation works by giving you more time and the ability to enjoy consistency with less stress. Automation also helps you stick to the plan so you don’t miss out on anything. When you automate your life, you automate success.

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8. They pay themselves first

In order not to overspend money and live above your means, you need to start paying yourself first.

This is the one habit that most successful people have that poor people don’t.

Poor people overspend their money and get into debt while rich people create a budget to help them save and invest their money appropriately.

To pay yourself first, you need to;

Create a plan, deposit your paycheck, automate your investment, and then any money left can be spent. It is wise to create wealth before you consume. 

9. They have accountability partners

10 Powerful Money Habits Rich People Have That Poor People Don't

 They say “show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are”– “fact!”

You cannot do anything good with your money if you stay around the wrong click. 

Friends with poor money habits will drag you to debt and teach you how to compete and make material possession your ultimate goal. 

An accountability partner could be your spouse, your mental health, your friend, your family, or your network.

 It is usually more profitable to have an accountability partner that is either a bestie or a spouse. 

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10. They are health conscious

“Health is wealth”

You won’t be making any money if you are not healthy. Pursuing money rather than your health is counterproductive.

Rich people understand the benefits of good health to their income, so they strive hard to look after their health so they can be able to make money without obstructions. 

Poor health can make you never be rich. You won’t even be able to make the money to become rich in the first place.  prioritizing rest, good food, exercise, medical check-ups, and good sleep is the ultimate recipe for a life of amazing health and prosperity. 

These are some great money habits rich people have that poor people usually don’t.

They seem difficult at first but practice breeds perfection.

These are copy-worthy habits that will fast-track your growth and propel you towards financial freedom quicker.


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