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How to Look Sophisticated and Fabulously Pretty On a Budget

How to Look Sophisticated and Fabulously Pretty On a Budget

Looking good is good business!

And that is definitely true!

You can actually look rich and sophisticated even on a bare-bones budget. Let’s be frank, you want to know, How to Look Sophisticated and Fabulously Pretty On a Budget, then here are seven tips that will change the way you look for good no matter your financial status.


Looking all pretty and sophisticated is a talent that lots of women naturally improve upon.

There are so many women who look all pretty but don’t even earn half the salary you get in a week, but since they know all the tricks needed to up their fashion game, you simply can’t beat them.


But in all frankness, looking good and naturally sophisticated is a rewarding habit.

Evidence claims that women who always have their hair properly done, manicure in place, their makeup light and attractive plus their clothes well pressed; are more likely to have better partners, better jobs and better friends- So why won’t any woman strive to look better?

Here are 10 easy steps to fake a sophisticated look on a budget. A simple step guide to fashion on a budget.

How to Look Sophisticated and Fabulously Pretty On a Budget In 11 Steps

1. Budget one fashion item every month

It’s much easier and cost-effective to budget one fashion item every month rather than going on a random shopping spree especially when you live on a very low income.


You can go get a fashion item you desire at the end of the month; from a pair of handbag, to a pair of shoes, sunglasses or even accessories.

This tip is very useful when you’re trying to build a sophisticated capsule wardrobe quickly and on a super low income.

You get to spend your money wisely while looking elegant and rich.

2. Have a white and black of every fashion itemHow to Look Sophisticated and Fabulously Pretty On a Budget

Black and white is a compulsory colour to accentuate and blend fashion pieces perfectly together.

Black and white colour will match any piece you already have in your wardrobe. So when shopping, concentrate on a black bag, black shoe, black coat, black shirt, black pants, black bra and panties, black belt, black jewellery, black sunglasses and hair band- if you don’t already have any.

3. Always buy matching pieces when you shop for your apparels and accessories.

Make sure you are buying according to pairs or pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

Don’t go shopping random colours and pieces that wouldn’t match anything you have in your closet.

If you have a black pant already in your wardrobe, don’t go shopping for another black pants when you don’t even have a blouse to wear them.

The sense here is to make sure you’re matching out every piece in your wardrobe according to their wearable counterparts so that no dress is lying wasted and collecting dust.

4. Use more accessories

The trick to looking more sophisticated even on dull clothes is adding quality and bright accessories to your outfit.

Have different quality accessories in your wardrobe from beads to bronze and gold to low-cost sapphires.

Ensure they’re eye-catching, elegant and timeless.

You can easily buy one when you make out a budget for them every month. You will need round, curve and dropping earrings of different colours and same for rings and sunglasses.

5. Wear heels more often How to Look Sophisticated and Fabulously Pretty On a Budget

A bright coloured and elegant heel can quickly transform a faded and boring outfit to faking a more sophisticated and chick-lit look.

Timeless brands like Christian Louboutin offers affordable and bright coloured heels that no one can miss when you wear one.

If you just can’t get a hang with heels, opt for sexy looking, pointed-toe flats.

6. Take your manicure and pedicure seriouslyHow to Look Sophisticated and Fabulously Pretty On a Budget

Taking time to beautify your nails can drastically change the way you look.

A bright coloured nails can easily call attention and make you look so completely put together.

Your nail work should not be expensive at all if you take DIY seriously.

A couple of videos on YouTube will teach you how to manicure and pedicure perfectly in your home for almost free.

7. Play around with red

Red has always attract a gripping and undivided attention to it.

If you want to look more sophisticated for almost nothing, then play around with colour red more often.

A red nails, lips, shoes, phone pouch, jewelries are timeless and unmatched.

8. Always press your clothes

No matter how cheap your clothes are, ironing them can instantly make them look better and new.

Be of the habit of always ironing your clothes and making sure they are always strengthen when you wear them.

9. Layer up

Wearing an extra coat, blazer or shirt can quickly spruce up a badly put together outfit.

An extra pair of fashionable coat, blazer or belt can put you in charge and showcase you as a fashion authority even when you know next to nothing.

10. Wear light makeup

Wearing light and well blended makeup regularly can transform your look and put you at the forefront of fashionable elites.

Doing your makeup regularly is not a big work as most of us see it, several quick budget makeup videos on the Internet can teach you how to look good with less than $10 makeup combo.

11. Take care of your skin

You can instantly improve the look of your skin by exfoliating regularly, bath twice daily and moisturize every night before bed.

Brush off a dry looking skin by exfoliating regularly and choosing a comfortable and cheap skin care products for your skin type.

You will definitely enjoy these posts!

These are quick and easy tips that can quickly spruce up your dull looking self to a more fabulously pretty woman that anyone won’t stop looking at.

What do you think?

Were you once dull looking but now looking fabulously pretty?

What exactly did you do to get there?

I want to hear from you!


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