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How to Open Instagram Account Without Phone Number and Email

How to Open Instagram Account Without Phone Number and Email

On Instagram, making friends, doing business, and publishing and creating content on social media is quite profitable. The current count of active Instagram accounts is 1+ billion people and the vast majority of these users love to share content. Now you want to know How to Open Instagram Account Without Phone Number and Email?

On Instagram, nearly 73% of the contents are images, with the rest being video and stories. You should sign up for an Instagram account if you don’t already have one.


Doing so will give you access to some exciting features in a single place.

Setting up an Instagram account depends on how you want to approach it. In order to ensure your account is not compromised, you will need to verify your email address or phone number.


You don’t have to verify your account by providing your phone number, you can actually sign up on Instagram without a phone number or email.

There is nothing wrong with using your phone number to register an Instagram account. Regardless of whether you use email or phone numbers, you can be certain that your personal information will never be released.

Instagram is quite safe and no privacy violation complaints have been raised so far.

When creating an Instagram account, using your phone number is safe, but some people don’t want to provide their personal contact information.


People who want to create an Instagram account without a phone number have various motivations.

They might want to remove things like promotional emails and personalized ads like those sent via email marketing.

Additionally, some may have multiple business accounts, each with varying information and you may have run out of phone numbers or email.

In some cases, people end up creating additional accounts just to gain more followers, or to boost their business accounts.

So now, let’s get to the really interesting topic of ways to set up your Instagram profile without using your mobile number. How can you do this?


How to Open Instagram Account Without Phone Number and Email

How to Open Instagram Account Without Phone Number and Email

If you’d like a full guide on how to make an Instagram account without having a phone number or email, or How to Open Instagram Account Without a Phone Number and Email, this is the place to go.

Let’s begin.

When you have no phone number, how do you create an Instagram account?

In other words, How to Open Instagram Account Without Phone Number and Email?
Instagram doesn’t require your personal phone number to create an account. Select Sign up with Email Address instead. If Instagram continues to ask you to verify your phone number, you can choose a virtual phone number to receive an SMS to verify your new account.

This is How to Open Instagram Account Without Phone Number and Email.

Log into Instagram on your mobile or computer.

How to Open Instagram Account Without Phone Number and Email
  • You will get a prompt asking “Are you not a registered user? Don’t miss out, sign up or sign in!”click sign up
  • Choose which option you prefer: Enter your email address or your phone number.
  • Instead of inputting a phone number, use the “Email” button.
  • Finally, you are prompted to enter your name and password.

Once the account is created remove or change your email.
Finding your friends is as simple as syncing your contacts.
After you have created an account, you will be asked to input the avatar and other account information.

There are several options for those who do not want to provide their phone number in order to verify their Instagram account.

You could generate a fake phone number by using third-party software apps. Fake virtual phone numbers can be used to verify your Instagram accounts.

A common use of TextNow is to create a virtual phone number, assign a 3-digit pin code, and then press “submit.” There you have it! You have your virtual mobile number. Go ahead and send it to Instagram; then you will receive a text message on TextNow for verification. Ensure your account is secure by providing the 6-digit security code.

how to log into instagram without phone number

How to Open Instagram Account Without Phone Number and Email

If you forget your Instagram password because you forgot your phone number or email, you can try to reset it using the Facebook app. It’s one of the quickest ways to login to Instagram because if you’ve already linked your Instagram account to your Facebook account, you can simply login to Facebook and Instagram will be linked as well, so you won’t have to enter a username or password.

Attempt to reclaim your email account.

If you’ve lost access to your email account, you might try contacting your email service provider for assistance. If you forget your password or your account is hacked, many email providers give a mechanism to regain access to your account.
When you try to log in to your email provider, you may see options such as Forgot your password? or Signing in Problems?

This will give you the option of contacting them or submitting a request for extra assistance. To authenticate your access request, you may be asked to provide a phone number, answers to security questions, or other information. Instagram is unable to assist you in regaining access to your email account.

Change the email address or phone number associated with your Instagram account.

If you can’t get access to the email or phone number you used to sign up for Instagram, go to Instagram and update your profile with a new email account that you can access.

This is required to ensure that you can continue to use Instagram and that no one else can access your account using an email or phone number that you no longer use.

Note: Make sure you can access Instagram with your email, phone number, or by logging in with Facebook before you begin. You won’t be able to continue if you can’t access Instagram and go to your Instagram profile settings.

You may discover how to change your email from your Instagram profile once you’re logged in. If you joined up for Instagram using your Facebook account, your Instagram email will be the same as your Facebook account email.

There will be no email linked with your account if you didn’t sign up for Facebook or Instagram with a phone number, but you can add one if you like.
Both the original and new emails will receive prompts to confirm or deny the change after you’ve changed your Instagram email.


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