21 Tips to Start a Low Waste Life and Save More Money For 2021

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2020/2021 could be your best year yet to start living more intentionally, saving more money and finally living debt free!

Living a more sustainable and minimal lifestyle, is a life-changing experience with lots of positive and rewarding benefits.

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2 21 Tips to Start a Low Waste Life and Save More Money For 2021

Here are 21 best tips that will help you save more money and live a more sustainable life.

21 Tips to Start a Low Waste Life and Save More Money For 2021

1. Keep everything in your house relevant and useful.

For example, mend all broken walls & floors, unclog all blocked drainage, fix wallpapers, repair all the repairable instead of tossing them out and getting new ones.

2. Try not to shop on impulse.

Avoid shops and malls if it is not time for your grocery shopping. Do not even go for clearance sales except you are sure you absolutely need the item and they fall into your “needs” category.

3. Use a reusable bag every time you shop anything (21 Tips to Start a Low Waste Life and Save More Money)

Using a reusable bag will keep the extra nylons away from your home. You can easily put one reusable fabric-made stylish bag in your hand bag when the need arises.

4. Ditch the paper towels and rolls.

I understand it’s much easier to use rolls to clean and then trash but these are pollutants that are certainly unfriendly to the ecosystem.

By taking the pain to use a cloth or microfiber towels every time you clean the house, you are actually living low-waste and saving the planet.

5. Use a compostable toothbrush.

The truth is 50 million pounds of toothbrush get to the landfill each year!

A plastic toothbrush is just another disposable waste that manufacturers have ensured stays useless after some days or months. You can become more plastic free if you ditch these disposable toothbrushes for the sustainable bamboo-made one.

6. Stop buying plastic or rubber body scrub, you can make one with pure coconut oil, brown sugar, spa-salt and spent coffee grounds.

7. Slowly transcend into wooden furniture in your home.

No one is saying toss out the plastic you have now, but make sure to choose wooden ones when next you need replacement.

8. Opt for second hand fashion.

Buying second fashion will save you lots of money and save the environment of too much mess. Second hand these days are more durable, earth friendly and safer than our newer generation fashion materials.

9. Save money on clothes by organizing your wardrobe compartment in order of pairs, colors and accessories to minimize random purchase of items that do not match and you won’t even wear.

1O. Try home-made cleaning products.

I’m not trying to say you should start mixing home-made cleaning products yourself without experience. But using the regular but effective choice like vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can save you lots of money and unnecessary plastic garbage.

11. Use natural house-plants.

Natural house-plant will help you freshen the air and naturalize toxicity from your house. Use air purifiers for your living rooms and moisture absorbents in the bathrooms.

12. Buy garlic, pepper, onions and spices in bulk, dry & grind and bottle-preserve them to save your money and to reduce trash.

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13. Don’t dispose of your coffee grounds.

You can use your coffee grounds to make an effective body scrub and stretch mark removal scrub.

Body Scrubs and stretch mark removal creams are very costly in the market these days, but you can use your spent coffee grounds to make an effective option that your body will love and you also get to save some money.

14. Stop buying dishwashers.

Dishwashers are plastic or rubber. It is much wiser to consider making one if you wish to go waste free.

You can save lots of money too if you know how to make a homemade dishwasher.

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15. Send your groceries and item packaging materials like cartons, wrappers, foils, nylon to the recycling firms in order to help them produce more useful products.

It will keep your house organised, hazard free and you get to make some bucks too.

16. Use spoiled food to make a small compost garden where you plant your own vegetables instead of tossing them away.

Having a small compost garden in your house can save you thousands of dollars every month from food alone.


17. Don’t toss overripe fruit away. Use them to make healthy fresh juice, sweet syrups, salad dressing or for baking small chops.

18. Use glass jam bottles and prickle glass to store food instead of rubber or plastics.

Glass bottles will help preserve your food better and protect you from plastic Hazard.

19. Use orange peels to make enzymatic cleaners rather than trashing them to stay zero-waste and live more intentionally.

Orange peels make great enzymatic cleaners that you can use for tough stains around your house.

20. Repurpose leftover soup, stews or sauce into other tasty meals instead of tossing them away.

Repurposing leftover food will not only save you money but can boost your creative abilities with food and help you discover new cuisines that you can teach other mums.

21. Use a monthly budget for your grocery shopping to minimize food waste and save your hard earned money.

Using a monthly budget is the best way to save more money and help you live a more low waste life.

22. Drink more water instead of fresh juice or soda to stay healthy, slim and waste-free.

These are helpful tips to help you save more money and live low waste.

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21 Tips to Start a Low Waste Life and Save More Money

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