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How to Send Money Back on Venmo

How to Send Money Back on Venmo

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Venmo was originally created with peer-to-peer transactions in view. Venmo can be useful for splitting the bill with friends after a meal or to share funds between people. As with everything in life, there are always mistakes and you may end up getting the wrong payment.

In this article, we’ll show you how to send a Venmo payment back and even what to do if you’ve sent money to the wrong person!

How to Send Money Back on Venmo From a Close Person

You can return the money to anyone you know who sent it. After a while, you might get a request for payment from the person. Once you have a good idea of who you are dealing with, it is easy to send the money back, perhaps with an explanation message. Even better, you can offer to take the next tab.

How to Send Money Back on Venmo From a Stranger

It’s possible to have made a mistake if you received money from someone unknown. Perhaps they are a friend or a relative. You sent them a payment request last night over drinks and forgot about it. You can send payment requests to people without Venmo accounts using their mobile number or email address.

If you have checked the details and verified that the sender is not a complete stranger, it’s possible to fall for a scam. You can be sure to take the following steps if you are unsure:

  1. The best way to get in touch with Venmo is by using the contact information on their sign up page or by submitting an request to Venmo support . Explain the situation to Venmo and request that they manually initiate the refund to the sender. You should explain the situation to the person and ask them to manually initiate the refund.
    This is the safest and most secure method of going about it if you are certain that you don’t know who the payer is personally.
  2. You can do nothing and then wait several days. If the transaction is not a mistake, the sender can request the funds to be returned. If that fails to happen after some time, the sender can always go back to Step 1 and restart the process.
  3. You can also send the money back directly to the original account. Although Venmo, a PayPal subsidiary, can be considered safe transactions are as susceptible to hacking attacks than any other service. This option should only be chosen if you are certain that there are no fraudsters behind the original payment. Otherwise, it is a waste of time and could lead to scammers taking advantage of your money.

Beware, Beware

There are serious issues to be aware of now that you have learned how to return the payment. These details could impact the next steps after you receive the payment.

The key question is whether you received funds from someone you are familiar with or from a stranger. Everything is fine if it comes from a family member or friend. You should be cautious if you receive a payment from someone you do not know. We’ll show you what to do in this situation, so don’t panic!

Venmo’s payment system is another important aspect that you should pay attention to. Once you have received the funds, and the money has been deposited to your account, you can use it as you wish. Spending money received from an unidentified source is a risky business. However, if the payer files a claim or contests the payment with Venmo later, any refunds will be made.

How to Cancel Payment on Vinmo

How to Send Money Back on Venmo

Let’s look at the alternatives to receiving a strange payment after we have reviewed the solutions. What should you do if money is sent to the wrong person? It’s unlikely that you sent money to someone you don’t know. Here are some options in case this happens:

  1. You’re lucky if you paid the recipient’s phone number or email. This is the only way to cancel the payment. You can cancel the payment if the recipient has not created and activated their Venmo account. Simply log in to the app, then go to the Incomplete section. Find the transaction under Payments. Click the button below to return any amount that you have paid.
  2. If your friend has a Venmo account, and the payment went through successfully, you can send them an email requesting a charge for the same amount. Include a message explaining to them that the funds were sent incorrectly. If they don’t respond within a reasonable time, you can contact Venmo support at the address in “When a Stranger pays” section.

If you are attempting to send funds to someone else, please include all pertinent information when you contact support. You will need to include the username and date of payment as well as the amount and date.

Venmo cannot guarantee money refunds but they will offer all possible options to resolve your case.


There is a support system that will help you, regardless of whether you have received or sent a wrong payment. However, you should be cautious when dealing with financial transactions. Don’t worry! You now know how to send Venmo payments back. All you have to do is verify the identity of the other party and then act accordingly. Your account will be safe!

Have you received payments through Venmo from an unidentified person? What were your steps to return the payment? Please leave your comments below!

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