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How to Open GTBank Account Online 2022

How to Open GTBank Account Online

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How to Open GTBank Account Online procedures are available on the internet and in every GTBank branch. Banking services began in the banks, but have since evolved to online platforms where every transaction that is conducted in the bank can be done.

GTBank has made an effort to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of banking. Opening a GTBank account online isn’t an issue as well as reactivating a dormant account is also simple.

Guaranty Trust Bank PLC is an institution that offers solid service in business and corporate banking. The bank is well-established as well as serving Anglophone West Africa and the United Kingdom.

The bank’s asset portfolio is 2. Trillion Naira and shareholder’s funds that exceed 200 Billion Naira, GT Bank provides a unique financial administration service designed to ensure the success of any company.

Since its beginning around the year 1990, GTBank has grown as an institution of finance and developed both small and medium clients into well-known corporate firms. Its steady growth throughout its history is something every company should strive to follow. In this article we’ll examine methods to open a Business Account/Corporate Account at GTBank Nigeria.

A Little About GTBank

Guaranty Trust Bank Limited (GTBank) is a multi-national financial institution that offers business, individuals as well as public and private institutions throughout Africa in addition to across Africa and the United Kingdom with a broad selection of top-quality financial services and products. Based in Lagos, Nigeria and with subsidiaries in Cote D’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom, the Bank has over 12,000 employees and has total assets and Shareholders funds in the amount of N4.057trillion and N661.1Billion respectively.

In Guaranty Trust Bank Limited, we strive constantly to achieve the most beneficial outcomes for our clients and communities. Our strong culture of service and efficient management, as well as top corporate governance and an inclination towards innovation, have allowed us to keep a steady year-on-year expansion in our customer base as well as profits since the beginning of our business.

We also are passionate supporters and loyal patrons of an array of social responsibility causes that are directed toward improving access to education as well as driving Community Development, promoting the arts and safeguarding the environment.

As an incredibly African and truly International Institution, we are committed to advancing our continent’s advancement. We are at the forefront of encouraging enterprise and supporting small companies, and our free business platforms, including the GTBank Fashion Weekend and the GTBank Food and Drink Festival, are driving the development of Africa’s food and fashion industries, and creating new opportunities and global markets for Africa’s extremely young population.

The GTBank goal is to be an online platform to assist in Enriching Lives through the development of solid, valuable relationships with stakeholders, customers and the communities within which it works.

In keeping with this mission We are always innovating innovative ideas that provide customers more than banking, for example, Habari is a digital platform that connects customers with everything they require including music, e-commerce, and more all in one location.

We’re revolutionizing the access to consumer loans by introducing the first of its kind digital lending service, Quick Credit, which allows small and individual businesses and individuals the ability to access instant, real-time loans at any time, from anywhere.

Through over the decades, Guaranty Trust Bank Limited has been awarded numerous awards that have been praised for its innovative products and services as well as corporate social responsibility and the highest standards of governance.

In the year 2019, GTBank was recognized as the Best Bank within Africa and the Top Bank in Nigeria by Euromoney Magazine and the Best Banking Group as well as the Best Retail Bank Nigeria by World Finance Magazine.

The same year, Guaranty Trust Bank Limited also won its Central Bank of Nigeria’s Electronic Payment Incentive Scheme (EPIS) Efficiency Awards for the third consecutive year and was awarded eight of the 12 awards for banks that are at the forefront of advancing the digitization of financial services.

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Channels to Open GTBank Account Online

There are many channels to open an account at GTBank. They range from branch visits to banks, USSD codes, ATMs along with online and offline channels. The online channels that allow you to open accounts include online banking GTBank mobile app, and many more. Let’s explore some of these channels.

  • It is possible to open a new account by using this website. Account Opening Engine. Web Engine: This is the official site to open an account with GTBank open an account online. If you opt for any other method online this will take you to this site.
  • You can sign up for an account through the GTBank online banking website: The GTBank internet banking website provides an option to open an account. But, it will take users to an AOWE page, from where you are able to continue with your registration.
  • You can also create an account using the GTBank mobile app , regardless of whether you already have an account at the bank or not.
  • Another method to get the GTBank account on the internet is through an ATM. Visit an ATM stand at a GTBank ATM stand and open an account with a GTBank Account for your self.

Step-by-Step Instructions On How to Open GTBank Account Online

How to Open GTBank Account Online

There are various steps you can complete when opening a new account through one or the GTBank online channels. Here are the steps for each channel online.

GTBank Account Opening Web Engine (AOWE)

GTBank Account Opening Web Engine (AOWE) GTBank Account Opening Web Engine (AOWE) is an online portal where users can quickly create GTBank accounts with no hassle. Here’s how to do it.

  • Download the account opening form at https://www.gtbank.com/help-center/download-forms
  • Sign and complete the required fields and then complete your registration
  • Visit https://ao.gtbank.com/aowe/main
  • Select the type of account you would like to open: Personal Account or Business Account.
  • If you’re planning to create an account for yourself then click it.
  • On the next screen you can choose to open an account from scratch or create an Additional account if it’s the situation for you.
  • Enter your BVN and the person for whom the account is for – My child/ward or Self then select the kind of account you’d like to open. You can create a new account GTCrea8 ESavers, GTCrea8 Savings and mobile wallet account here.
  • Click on Validate, and it will reveal your BVN information.
  • If the verification fails your information, you can fill in the form yourself.
    • Surname
    • First name
    • middle name
    • date of birth
    • mobile number
  • Click Continue.
  • The next step is to you can complete your personal details.
  • Click “continue” to create the account.
  • You will receive an email with your account’s number as well as any other bank information.

If you’re creating a business account select the option for a business account and fill in the required information to set up your account.

How to Open GTBank Account Online Using GTBank Internet Banking Website

How to Open GTBank Account Online

Another option for opening an online account is through the GTBank online banking site. Here’s how to do opening an account online.

How to Open GTBank Account Online Using GTBank Mobile App

You can create an account using the GTBank mobile application. Follow these steps to create your account.

  • Get your GTBank mobile app and then open the app.
  • Simply click on the Open Account icon
  • Choose to not GTBank customer
  • Choose one of Open With Documents or without documents
  • Open to documents and open with them
    • fill in the necessary details in the appropriate spaces
    • Upload your photo
    • and a distinctive
    • Follow the steps until the end of the opening of your account.
  • Open without documents
    • There is no requirement to upload any image or signature.
    • Follow the directions until the end to finish the procedure.

How to Open GTBank Account Online With ATM

To open a GTBank account with an automated machine for teller (ATM) Follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the nearest GTBank ATM
  • Press Enter
  • Click Open an Account, and follow the steps
  • You must enter your BVN and then proceed
  • Input your mobile number
  • Choose your gender and then complete the form.

Can I Open A GTBank Account Without BVN?

Yes, you can start a GTBank account online, without BVN. All you need to do is input zeros in the area available to signify BVN and then continue the process. Another method for opening an account that does not require BVN is through the GTBank mobile application and USSD number (GTMobile Wallet).

How to Open GTBank Account Online Without BVN

All you have to do is choose the option that allows registration of an account without no having a BVN. This is how you can create an online GTBank account online without VBN.

  • Visit https://ao.gtbank.com/aowe/main
  • Select the kind of account you wish to open: Personal Account or Business Account.
  • If you’re looking for an account for yourself Click on it.
  • On the next screen click on Open New Account or Add account if it’s your situation.
  • Enter your BVN as well as the person account belongs to – My child/ward, or Self or Self, and select the kind of account you’d like to open. You can create a current account GTCrea8 eSavers, GTCrea8 Savings and mobile wallet account here. If you don’t have BVN you can enter multiple zeros into the space that is provided to create a BVN and then continue.
  • Click confirm to bring out your BVN information.
  • If it isn’t able to verify your information, you can fill in the form yourself.
    • Surname
    • First name
    • middle name
    • date of birth
    • mobile number
  • click continue
  • Next, fill in your personal details.
  • Click Continue to create an account.
  • You will receive a text message with your account’s number and any other banking information.

Types of Accounts One can Access using GTBank and Benefits

There are three kinds of accounts that can be opened at GTBank including accounts for savings, current and a business account. A savings account as its name suggests, is meant an account for those who wish to save. The current account can be used for savings or official commercial purposes, while it is a business account solely for business use. Each of these accounts comes with sub-categories. Let’s look at these accounts.

How to Open GTBank Savings Account

The savings account offered by GTBank is a type of account that is ideal for those who want to put aside money to serve a specific purpose or to save it for fun. It offers a wide range of categories to meet the needs of a wide range of individuals need. The categories below are listed with their advantages.

  • GTSave : Benefits
    • A rate of 1.15 percent
    • 24/7 banking service available on all GTBank electronic channels
    • A personalized Naira MasterCard
    • Gain access to GTConnect, Internet banking, and GTBank Electronic Notification Services (GeNS)
  • GTPatriot The account was designed specifically for military and paramilitary personnel from Nigeria. It is available as the current and savings accounts. The benefits include:
    • Affordable interest rates for savings accounts
    • A reduced CAM fee is available for the current accounts
    • Accounts to borrow money for current accounts
    • Zero opening balance
    • Cheque book is available upon request for account current
    • Personalized Naira MasterCard
  • GT Target GT Target account allows customers to save money towards the goal they have set. If you wish to sign up in GT Target, you need to have an GTBank accounts first. Benefits;
    • 1.15 percent interest rate per year with an additional bonus of 1% interest for customers who keep a one-year standing order deposit.
  • GTCrea8 eSavers Account This account is intended meant for students aged between 16 to 25. Benefits;
    • 1.15 percent interest rate on balance of account per year
    • Zero account opening balance
    • No cost for transfers, SMS, or standing instructions
    • Grants for education that are automatically eligible for automatic eligibility such as those of the GTCrea8 Educational Support Grant
    • Invitations to GTCrea8 Masterclasses and Events
  • Smart Kids Save (SKS) Account The purpose of this account is to help the guardians or parents to fund their children as well as wards younger than the age of 18. It’s available in two categories: Smart Kids Save (0-12 years) and Smart Kids Save Teen (13-18 years). Benefits;
    • A rate of interest of 1.15 percent
    • Invitation to SKS events that are fun.
    • An Trendy teens MasterCard can be issued on the teenager’s account upon the request of the parent.
    • It is possible to convert it into an ordinary account once the child turns 18.
  • Contact Account The Call Account allows for businesses to make higher yields than a standard savings account. You can cash out your account in just two days’ notice.
  • Fixed and Tenured Deposits A longer-term savings bank account. In this type of account, you pay the amount in an investment account with an agreed-upon interest rate for the specified time. After the time has passed and you are able to either withdraw your interest and money or reinvest it into an additional time. Benefits;
    • Access to online channels at no cost any additional cost.
    • Capital and guaranteed return on investment.
  • GTInstant This kind of account is designed for those who have little or no opening documents. This is the kind of account that can be created using the GTWorld mobile application and GTBank USSD code. *737*0# . The GTMobile Wallet is a quick account that is opened using GTBank’s GTBank USSD Banking service. Benefits;
    • Quick Naira MasterCard for local transactions only
    • 1.15 percent interest rate
    • You can upgrade to a high-value account providing ID card, BVN as well as a utility invoice.

How to Open GTBank Current Account

Similar to the savings account, the current account comes with a few categories too. Current accounts are check account that is mostly used for business or official reasons, as well as government transactions. There are a variety of types that earn an interest rate on transactions.

  • Individual Current Account A Current Account for Individuals permits high volume transactions and the issuing of cheques. Benefits;
    • Access to a free Chequebook upon the request.
    • Personalized Naira MasterCard
  • eAccount GTBank’s eAccount lets baking be easy anyplace in the world. It’s a flexible and flexible account that is suitable for those earning a salary. The current Maintenance Fee is waived for this kind of account. Benefits;
    • 1.15 percent rate of interest
    • Personal loans are available for those who need them.
    • Transactions are made through electronic channels only (Mobile banking ATMs, Mobile banking, Internet banking, *737# and the POS)
  • Domiciliary Account: Through this bank account you are able to conduct transactions using foreign currency at the convenience of your home, office or anywhere else around the globe. Benefits;
    • Transfer money in foreign currencies from your account at home to domiciliary accounts at other banks.
    • You can cash out in foreign currency at every GTBank branch.
  • GTMax: This is the best option for those who have more inflows than they have outflows. The account also provides interest on account balances on a daily basis. This account also allows for a minimum of charges for transactions. Benefits;
    • It could be used as a pay account.
    • It is a good yield at high-interest and is not subject to the CAM Fee
    • You are able to access your account through online channels, as well as other channels for banking
    • Personalized Naira MasterCard
  • Seniors Account: The Seniors Account is created to offer senior citizens who are over 65, free banking services. Account holders are granted prior treatment at all GTBank branches across the country. Benefits;
    • No charges for debit transactions
    • Zero account opening balance
    • Free chequebook and messages (GeNS) alerts and debit card
    • There is no need to wait in banks’ halls.
    • Unlimited withdrawals at ATMs located in both the United States and internationally

How to Open GTBusiness Account

This account can be described as a modern account specifically designed for business operations. It’s targeted at Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that have a monthly turnover of between N50 million. GTBank Nigeria has funds management products specifically designed for easy banking for corporate and business customers. The process of opening GTBusiness accounts GTBusiness account is distinct benefits and features; one of them is

  • Unlimited withdrawals per day.
  • GTBank provides Corporate Internet Banking through the GTBank Automated Payment System GAPS and GTBank Electronic Notification System GENS. Internet banking and the electronic notification system is two different technologies that are currently enabling secure, speedy and efficient banking transactions that are ideal for companies which want to build an impressive growth rate.
  • N20,000 minimum balance
  • N5,000 fixed monthly cost
  • Access to a variety of business sources
  • N1/Mille Fee for CAM on the excess of N50 million of monthly turnover

How do I open an Account for Business using Guaranty Trust Bank

Opening a GTBusiness business account is simple and doesn’t require any deposits to open an account. If you follow the easy steps, you’ll be able to operate your business account through GTBank Nigeria right away. This type of account can also be opened online through AOWE at https://ao.gtbank.com/aowe/main. You must provide the necessary information and follow the directions.

Requirements for Opening a GTBusiness Account

The documents needed to open a company or corporate account at GTBank Nigeria are listed in the form for opening accounts. If you fill out the form correctly, your business account will be opened when your application documents are received by the bank’s office. Setting up a corporate or business accounts with Guaranty Trust Bank is simply easier and more straightforward when you are aware of the prerequisites to fill out your application. Because the main focus of this bank is serving companies, you’ll find all the financial assistance you need to ensure the smooth operation of your company.

  • Download the form for opening a corporate account on the GTBank Nigeria website. Fill out the form completely and send it with the necessary documents to the closest GTBank Branch in Nigeria. Alternately, you can mail the properly filled corporate account opening form with certified copies of the necessary documents to the branch of your choice at GTBank located in Nigeria.
  • The GTBank account applications require the submission of a proof of identity. For companies and organizations generally, evidence of legitimacy is required.
  • Give an official Business Certificate. Businesses must be registered and granted official permits in accordance with the laws of the country. The business license is used as evidence of the legitimacy of the business and legitimacy. Furthermore the business registration documents can be used in conjunction with an official business license.
  • Please provide your Tax ID Number. Companies are accountable for the payment of taxes. So, your business’s unique tax pin or number is needed to open accounts for corporate or business through GTBank Nigeria.
  • You must provide the address of your company. Address proof is required and is required when opening a new business account.
  • It is also required to file your business’s name. These are typically referred to in the form of DBA “Doing Business As” names. Naturally, your business certificate of registration and license are branded with this name.
  • Please provide the appropriate names or signatures for your company account, if there is one.

What Are The Requirements for Opening an Account With GTBank?

How to Open GTBank Account

Here are the prerequisites to open a bank account with GTBank;

  • Identification documents in the form of copies The identification document must be a Driver’s License, National ID Card Voter’s Card, International Passport or any other accepted by banks
  • Two signed and completed reference forms that are signed and completed.
  • A passport photograph
  • Utility bill copy dated within the last 3 months
  • A signed and completed GTBank application form for opening a new account to be used for the type of account that you would like to open
  • The passport of the child is required to be used for SKS account

Why Is My GTB Account Dormant?

Your GTBank account is deemed dormant when you haven’t made transactions in the account for six months up to one year. If you haven’t utilized the account for six months, your account will be inactive and you will be notified of the account from your bank.

The same applies should you lose an account record of the last time you used the account, the customer service team will contact you to remind you prior to it becoming dormant. If, in the end, your account goes dormant or unresponsive don’t worry about it; the process to reactivate it isn’t all that difficult.

How to Reactivate a Dormant GTBank Account

You can activate your account that has been inactive by following the steps below:

  • Sign and fill out an account activation form that is not active.
  • An acceptable method for identification
  • Utility bill not longer than three months ago
  • You can submit this form to any of GTBank’s branches. GTBank close to where you live.

How to Reactivate a Dormant Account for Non-Resident Nigerians

Although one could follow the procedure above to activate an account that is inactive GTBank account located in Nigeria however, the procedure may be different to non-resident Nigerians. If you’re in this group, follow the steps in the following steps:

  • Sign and fill out the form to reactivate or update your dormant account.
  • You need to be required to provide a notarized utility invoice or bank statement that is stamped that was issued within the last three months.
  • You need to have an identity document that is valid that is valid, like an Nigerian International Passport, Permanent Voter’s Card or National ID card, Driver’s License or a notarized foreign identity card.
  • For students who are from foreign countries: They must be required to provide a stamped and signed letter from their institution proving evidence of their residence in the school hostel together with proof of tuition or the scholarship. If you live outside of from the institution, students must be required to provide a valid notarized electricity bill.
  • The completed documents should be sent to [email protected]

Note: To notarize your documents, visit www.notarycam.com/gtbank, or post-office, Nigerian embassy, court, or notary public to stamp a photocopy of the document as a certified true copy of the original.

Can I Reactivate My Dormant Account Online?

There are several ways of activating an account that is inactive. It is possible to do this through postal mail, going to the bank, and via an USSD code. There’s no information available at this time regarding whether or not this procedure can be completed online. You can send an email to [email protected]. If you’re looking to open a dormant account using the USSD code you must follow these steps.

  • Dial *737*11#
  • Enter your Bank Verification Number
  • Press 1 to continue.
  • Then , you can initiate a transfer by depositing money or withdrawing funds out of the bank account.

There are other things you should do to prevent the accounts from being dormant or inactive. As lack of activity can render the account inactive, it is possible to prevent your account from becoming inactive, or possibly dormant, by following these guidelines:

Methods to Keep Your account from becoming inactive

  • You should conduct frequent transactions. Don’t delay longer than 3 months, or for up to six months if it’s an account that you frequently use.
  • Be sure to keep your contact information including your address and methods of identification, up-to-date on your GTBank accounts.
  • With the introduction of new banking channels, it is now possible to make use of GTBank’s online channels, such as Internet Banking, 737 Banking ATMs for Deposit, as well as the Mobile App. All of these channels are simple to use, and allow transactions quick and simple from the convenience of your home.

GTB Customer Service, Phone Numbers

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