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How to Cancel Your JCPenney Credit Card ( 6 Easy Steps)

How to Cancel Your JCPenney Credit Card ( 6 Easy Steps)

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If the chips are finally down, and you have decided to call it qiut with JCpenney, here is How to Cancel Your JCPenney Credit Card In 6 Easy Steps.

But First,

1. Ensure You Have a Good Reason to Cancel Your JCPenney Credit Card

While it’s tempting to close your JCPenney Credit Card account and move on, you should make sure that you have a good reason for doing so. Closing your account can be costly, so before you make any decisions, consider these factors:

  • Cost. It costs money to close an account—whether it’s the annual fee or a balance transfer fee. Even if your credit card is free of charge, there may be other fees associated with closing an account (such as closing an unused line of credit). Consider how much it will cost you in interest and fees before deciding whether or not to get rid of the card completely.
  • Credit utilization ratio. You probably want to keep some open lines of credit because they help maintain a good credit score by keeping utilization low (the percentage used at any given time).
  • If none of your cards are being actively used and closed down instead, this could negatively affect your score since high usage is usually not desirable for lenders. A lower score makes it harder for people with poor or nonexistent track records at solid companies like JCPenney; therefore, keeping several open accounts helps increase chances for approval.


2. Check to See If Your Card Is Eligible For Cancellation.

Before you Cancel Your JCPenney Credit Card, check to see if your card is eligible for cancellation. The first step is to check whether or not the account is in good standing. If you have an outstanding balance on your account, it may not be eligible for cancellation.

You should also check to see if there are any fees due on the card. If this is the case and you still want to cancel your card, JC Penney can help with that process as well.

3. Don’t Worry About Your Credit Score.

You should also know that closing your JC Penney credit card won’t affect your credit score. As long as you have other open lines of credit, like a home equity loan or a mortgage, it shouldn’t make much difference in how lenders view you.

The only time closing an account would affect your score is if it was one of the oldest accounts on your report (typically those from more than 7 years ago). This means that if you’re adding a new line of credit but closing an old one at the same time, the latter could actually hurt your overall debt-to-credit ratio.

4. Contact Customer Service By Phone or Mail.

  • Contact customer service by phone or mail.

Call 1-800-542-0800 to talk to a representative by phone. You can also write Synchrony Bank at P.O. Box 960061, Orlando, FL 32896 if you prefer not to speak with someone on the phone.

5. Ask For a Final Statement Of Your Account Activity.

If you’ve had your card for a long time, you might have built up a balance that can’t be paid off in full. In this case, if you don’t cancel your card as soon as possible and pay off whatever balance you have remaining on your account, JCPenney will begin charging interest on the amount of money you owe them.

This is called being “charged off” by a store and it’s bad news—it means that because JCPenney believes they will never get paid back by you (or anyone else), they are writing off the loss as an expense to their business!

Ask for a final statement of your account activity on the day of cancellation: Make sure to ask them for one final statement showing all purchases made with this card before canceling it so that there are no surprises when reviewing charges later down the road.

This way if something shows up unexpectedly like new purchases (or even worse) after canceling – then at least we’ll know what it was and why!

6. Cancel Any Credit Card Offers You Receive In The Mail After Canceling.

Once you’ve canceled your JC Penney credit card, shred any offers that arrive in the mail. It’s important to use a crosscut or micro cut shredder to make sure none of your personal information can be read by someone else.

Recycling is not sufficient; even if an identity thief cannot access your credit card number, they may still be able to see some of the other information printed on it (such as your name).

Follow These 6 Steps to Cancel Your JCPenney Credit Card

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  • Call the number on your card or log in to your JCPenney Credit Card account to request a cancellation.
  • Be prepared for them to tell you that it’s not possible and that you need to speak with someone else. It might take a few days, but don’t give up!
  • After several days (or weeks), contact customer service again and ask about canceling your account if someone hasn’t already called you back by then. If they still say no, ask for their supervisor’s name and contact information so that you can escalate this issue until it gets resolved (you may have to call multiple times).
  • I recommend writing down everyone’s names as well as the date, time, and content of each conversation so that it’s easier when talking with managers later on—it’ll show how long they’ve been aware of this problem without doing anything about it themselves!
  • Call every day until someone answers who says yes.

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