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How to Apply for a Walmart Credit Card in 2023

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Read below, our easy guide on how to apply for a Walmart credit card in 2023.

Walmart is one of the most well-known retail businesses in the world. It operates in more than 100 countries. A Walmart credit card may be an excellent option for those who buy at the retailer on an irregular basis.

Depending on your credit history, you may be eligible for a Walmart Mastercard or a Walmart store card, both of which can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

It will be necessary to have a good credit score in order to qualify for a store card, and a high credit score in order to qualify for a Walmart Mastercard.

It is vital to remember that Walmart Credit cards are issued by Capital One and that a credit score of 640 is required to be eligible for one.

It is a terrific way to save money and receive rewards for your previous purchases at Walmart, which is a global retailing giant.

Walmart stores may be found in more than 5,000 locations across the United States, and your credit card can be used at any of these locations.

Apply for the Walmart credit card today if you are a frequent shopper who would like to benefit from the additional cashback.

Quick Facts About Walmart Credit Card

How to Apply for a Walmart Credit Card in 2022
  • Earn unlimited rewards every day, everywhere on purchases in and out of Walmart
  • Earn unlimited 5% back on purchases online at Walmart, including Grocery Pickup and Deliver
  • Earn unlimited 2% back on purchases in Walmart stores, 2% back on restaurants and travel purchases, and 1% back on all other purchases everywhere else Mastercard® is accepted
  • Introductory offer: Earn 5% back on purchases in Walmart stores when you use this card in Walmart Pay for the first 12 months after approval
  • Redeem rewards to cover recent purchases, or redeem for travel, gift cards, statement credits and more
  • $0 annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees

Walmart Credit Card Types

There are two types of Walmart credit cards: one for online shopping and one for in-store purchases.

  • Credit Card for Walmart Stores
  • MasterCard from Walmart

The Walmart Store Credit Card can be used at the following locations to make purchases:

  • Shops like Walmart and supermarkets
  • Walmart and Murphy USA Gas Stations are nearby markets (These are the two of the most well-known retailers in the United States.)
  • Sam’s Clubs is a network of nightclubs in the United States (It is a chain of nightclubs in the United States)
  • The Walmart MasterCard is accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted. This card can also be applied online or in a Walmart store.

How to Apply for Walmart Credit Card Online in 2023?

Below are easy steps to apply for a Walmart credit card in 2023

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Click on the blue “Apply Now” button on the left side of the page. Note: If you don’t have a Walmart account, you must create one before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Next, click on “Create Account” option and enter your name, and email address and create a password.
  4. After that click on the blue “Create Account” button.
  5. Now that you have successfully created your account, go to page and Sign In to the account.
  6. You will be asked for personal information like; Name, address, phone number, email address, yearly income, Monthly mortgage or rent payment, Duration of residence at current home, date of birth, social security number, and Mother’s maiden name. 
  7. Click on Continue.
  8. You can start applying.
How to Apply for a Walmart Credit Card in 2022

Please note that all these facts are mandatory for the qualification and application of a Walmart credit card.

How can I get a Walmart credit card in person?
Apart from the online application, you can also apply for a Walmart credit card in person at the store.

Simply inform the cashier that you’d like to use their credit card, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Also, keep in mind that all of the information you provided in your online application will be required when you apply in person.

So, if you want to finish the application procedure on the same day, don’t forget to bring that.

Customer Service Number for Walmart Credit Cards

The Benefits of Obtaining a Walmart Credit Card

Customers can use the Walmart Store Credit Card and Walmart Master Card to get discounts. These benefits include:

Money-Back Program
Customers who pay with a Walmart Store Credit Card or a Walmart Master Card are automatically registered in the Walmart loyalty program. The cashback program reimburses you for your regular purchases.

  • On purchases made at, you’ll get 5% cashback. The promotion is also valid for purchases, including pickup & delivery.
  • Fuel purchases made at Walmart and Murphy USA petrol stations earn you 2% cashback
  • On all other transactions, you’ll get 1% cashback. This covers Walmart physical shops, Neighbourhood Markets, and Sam’s Club transactions. The cashback rewards offer is valid anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

These incentives are provided to shoppers in the form of monthly statement credits.

In terms of the number of awards that clients can win in a given month, there are no restrictions. Your incentives will not expire as long as your account is in good standing, so make sure to keep it that way.

Other Benefits for Cardholders; Security Alerts are sent to you by text, email, and phone if there is any questionable activity on your account.
Fraud Liability is zero dollars, which means you will not be liable for any charges that are not authorized.
If your card has been missing or stolen, you can quickly and easily lock it.
With the help of the Capital One® Mobile App, you can check your balance, make payments, and manage your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions are included below (FAQs)

Walmart Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What items are required in order to apply for a Walmart Credit Card?

Walmart credit card applicants must be 18 years or older and have a credit score of at least 640 in order to be considered for the program. Other prerequisites include a social security number and a valid email address for business purposes.

  • Average credit score for Walmart credit card?

To apply for a Walmart credit card, you need a credit score of 640. 640+ is the credit requirement for a Walmart credit card to be eligible for one.

  • Is it possible to apply for a Walmart Card online?

To apply for a Walmart card, go to and follow the prompts. To begin the application process, simply click on the Apply Now button on the right.

  • Is it possible to apply for a Walmart Credit Card in-store?

Yes, you can apply for a Walmart credit card in person by going to the store’s location. Inquire with the cashier about the application process, and they will assist you with it.

  • How difficult is it to be approved for a Walmart credit card?

Obtaining a Walmart Credit Card is a straightforward process. Customers with excellent credit or better are eligible for credit cards from Walmart. For both cards, candidates with average credit, defined as a credit score of 640 or higher, will be considered for acceptance. To be eligible for either card, you must be a legal resident of the United States and at least 18 years old.

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