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Chevron Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service

Chevron Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service

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This article will provide information you should know about Chevron Credit Card Login and Texaco advantage credit card guide.

The credit cards were issued from Synchrony Bank. The card will not only allow you to log in to your account with Synchrony Bank, but also perform other functions including the management of your bank account tracking transactions, paying bills online, and much more.

This Chevron credit card has been created for people who use their fuel at Chevron or Texaco stations. You can earn rebates using this card at Chevron and Texaco stations.

It’s easy managing the details of your Chevron Credit Card. To gain online access to your account, you must sign up for a credit card. This article will go through the registration process, Chevron Texaco credit card login guide, payment options, and numerous other aspects.

This Chevron credit card offers a 10-cents per gallon rebate when you purchase gasoline through Chevron as well as Texaco stations. You’ll get 3% back for purchases made outside of fuel at the stations.

When you purchase other items using the card, you’ll receive 1percent rebates. You can earn as much as $300 in rebates within a calendar year.

Chevron Credit Card Application

Chevron credit cards are the best choice for your personal use and also for businesses. They allow you to save money on gasoline purchases and also provide security against fraud. This section of the article will go through the process of applying.

If you’ve had difficulties obtaining this type of credit card then you are fortunate to find yourself here in this article. We will go through the application process in the step-by-step guide.

Step 1. ====>You have to go to the official website of the company.

Step 2. ====>Now proceed to the gift and credit card pages.

Step 3. ====>You have to choose a business or personal credit card.

Step 4. ====>From the page select the card you wish to apply for.

5. ====>Now continue to fill in the form. complete your personal and financial information beginning with your name (First and last)

Step 6. ====>Provide the address details in the box that is provided, which includes street address, zip code, State, City, and telephone number.

Step 7. ====>Enter the email you used to sign up with and write that same email to confirm the address

Step 8. ====>Now input your Social Security Number and Date of Birth and your annual income in the box provided. Click Next to go forward.

Once you have verified your information, you will receive credit cards from Synchrony bank. Synchrony bank.

Chevron Credit Card Online Account

If you’ve got the credit card you want, can then apply for a Chevron and Texaco gasoline card account online. Through this account, you’ll be in a position to manage your account. This provides fantastic services and makes it easier to manage your fuel.

Chevron Credit Card Login

Chevron Credit Card

When you’ve established your online account and you’ve done it, you’ve done a great job. But, as we said earlier you must log in to your account before you are able to do anything to your account. We did our best to compile the most complete guide for accessing your account online.

Step 1. ====>You must go to the Synchrony Bank website

Step 2. ====>On this page click on your credit card account on the chevron website.

Step 3. ====>Now you must enter your login information in the box provided. This includes your username as well as password.

Step 4. ====>Finally to this aspect, click the Secure Login button.

Note: If you provide the right login information (username as well as password) You will not have issues accessing your account, where you will be able to handle your Chevron credit cards.

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Activate Chevron Credit Card

Chevron Credit Card

The credit card you use will not operate or function as it should until the card is activated. After activating the credit card you’ll be able to perform the task. The card can be activated by two methods, which are phone numbers and an online process

Chevron Credit Card Activation process

For new users, you will receive an email to the login page where you can log in online. Click the link and enter the required information.

The E-mail address as well as the Account number

There’s a chat room for the login help section that can help you solve any issues you might have encountered while signing up. To verify your identity, choose your login credentials, and then select an individual login image. After that, you will be registered on the website and you will be able to create an account on the site that is yours.

Chevron Credit Card Phone

Apart from the process online you can also be able to get your credit card activated with the phone. All you have to do is place the number 1-844 442 7932. You can either dial 1 877 885 6691 that is your registration code.

Chevron Card Payment

One of the most appealing features of credit cards is that they allow payment with no problem. Chevron credit cards can make payment effortless if you are aware of how to go about it. This section will discuss the process of making payments for Chevron as well as Texaco credit cards. We will go through the several payment options in this article.

Online Payment Method

Phone Payment Method

Chevron Credit Card Online Payment Process

Online payment is the best method of paying your bill online using Chevron and Texaco credit cards. To pay your bill it is necessary to follow the steps detailed in the following paragraphs.

Step 1. ====>You must create with the site

Step 2. ====>Login into your account using the steps above

Step 3. ====>On the dashboard of your account, look for your payment button and click it.

Step 4. ====>Now adhere to the instructions on the screen to make a transaction

When you follow the screen instruction properly, you’ll be capable of making a payment using a credit card.

Phone Payment Method

Another option for paying is via a telephone call. Make use of the phone to pay you cannot pay using the online method.

It is all you need to do is dial the number located on the bottom of your Chevron credit card to get the account information at any time. Once you’ve provided the correct details, the money will be deducted from your credit card on the date you have specified.


So far, we’ve gone through the process of applying for the card as well as login information and payment options on Chevron credit cards. We also told you that Synchrony bank is the bank responsible for the issue of these credit cards.

If you are experiencing technical problems, you can contact customer support via the official site. If the information in this post has assisted you in any way or another then please share this article with your others as well.

Chevron Credit Card Customer Service, Phone, Support

The Chevron credit card customer service phone number is 1-866-448-4367 for the Chevron and Texaco Visa.

Credit Card Payment Address

Chevron and Texaco Card Services
P.O. Box 965006
Orlando, FL 32896-5006

Chevron Credit Card Mobile Apps Download

Download the Free Chevron Credit Card App


Chevron Credit Card F.A.Q

If I apply for Techron Advantage Card Which one will I get?

Anyone who applies in order to be considered for the Techron Advantage Card will first be evaluated to be eligible for an application for the Techron Advantage Visa Credit Card. If the application is not accepted, the applicant is then evaluated to be considered for an alternative credit card, the Techron Advantage Credit Card.

How is the exclusive offer distinct from the current 3C//gal. in the Fuel Credits daily offer?

Between October 1st, 2021 and the 30th of September 2022 both new and existing cardholders will earn 6C//gal. with Fuel Credits PLUS as well as 8C//gal. for Fuel Credits on Premium/Superior, when they pay using the Techron Advantage Card within the Chevron or Texaco mobile application:

  • 3C//gal. on Regular or Diesel
  • 6C//gal. On PLUS (Limited-time mobile app deal)
  • 8C//gal. in the Supreme/Premium (Limited-time deal via mobile apps)

Cardholders will continue to earn 3C/gal. in Fuel Credits, regardless of the fuel grade following September 30, 2022.

What is the offer for introductory offers that new cardholders can avail?

  • New cardholders earn 37C/gal. in Fuel Credits during their first 90-day period after they create a new account beginning the 1st of October, 2021.
  • In addition, this offer, which is limited in time and rewards for everyday use, it’s up to 45C/gal. In Fuel Credits for brand new credit cardholders when they refill at a Chevron and Texaco station! And up to 55C//gal. in Fuel Credits available to the first-time Visa Credit cardholders when they make eligible purchases at fuel retailers and then fill up at the Chevron or Texaco station!

Why should I choose to use an energy card like one like the Techron Advantage Card instead of the debit card?

Apart from the convenience of pump-to-pay as well as earning fuel credit Techron Advantage Card also offers fuel credit and convenience. Techron Advantage Card provides a degree of security that might not be offered by credit card transactions, like the zero-fault insurance policy.

Additionally, the frequent use of credit cards like one like the Techron Advantage Card can aid in building your credit score when you pay promptly and in a timely manner, unlike the debit card. It’s also accepted at more than 8000 Chevron or Texaco stations across the U.S.

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