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Budgeting With a Baby On One Income? “8 Tips To Help You Strive”

Budgeting With a Baby On One Income
Do you want to start Budgeting with a baby on one income?  Here are “8 Tips to help you strive!” Let’s explore how!

Mummy hood is hard!!!

Not all women can juggle pregnancy, motherhood, wifely duties alongside a job or income business!

Most give into stress while some prefer to be on the safer side by sticking to the income of their spouses.

Either ways, as a mum, you should endeavor to do what’s best for you.

Do not give in to the pressure or allow society or money issues to drive you into insurmountable stress or depression that will eventually ruin the precious gift (your child) that you’re trying to provide for.

Living and striving on one income when expecting a baby or with a new baby is totally doable if implemented correctly, you could even get to enjoy the process if you want.

Are you a mum who is budgeting with a baby, or intends to have a baby on a budget, or already living with a baby on one income, or even a mum who just lost a job with a baby coming in a few days/months? 

Then, here are helpful tips to help you not just cater for a beautiful bouncing baby while striving on a very tight or super low budget but also enjoy the process. 

Budgeting with a baby on one income? “8 Tips to help you strive!”

Budgeting with a baby Tips.Budgeting With a Baby On One Income

  • Use a monthly budget. 
  • Opt for homemade baby food. 
  • Use washable diapers. 
  • Cut out unnecessary expenses from your monthly budget. 
  • Try second-hand baby toys and strollers. 
  • Buy durable and long-lasting baby products. 
  • Save money on baby clothes by matching pairs accordingly and re-purposing.
  • Breastfeed your baby, 

Budgeting with a baby Tips.

1. Use a monthly budget

A monthly budget should contain all the expenses and amounts needed in a particular month.

You should draw out your monthly budget based on the income you’re currently earning and ensure you do not overspend or under-spend so you don’t get frustrated.

Your monthly budget should have your transportation, electricity, food plans, self care and other basic utility arrangements.

You can further adjust your monthly budget by using a weekly budget to help you properly save enough money so your baby does not suffer any necessary needs.

Always review and adjust your budget on a weekly basis and ensure that it gives no room for leaky expenses.

Reviewing your budget is one of the most important steps you want to start while budgeting with a baby.

2. Opt for homemade baby food

Ready-made baby foods are one of the biggest money drainers followed by diapers.

If you can make your own homemade baby food, you stand a chance to not only strive on one income with your newborn but save tons of money for other immediate expenses.

Homemade baby foods are not just a healthier choice for your baby but a perfect way to save tons of money every month.

A good choice of ingredients for your baby food includes; rice, corn, Millet, nuts, dried fish and banana pap.

You can make them from scratch and stash some in your refrigerator for a week or even longer.

3. Use washable diapersBudgeting With a Baby On One Income

This is the hardest part!!!

It’s not easy to use washable diapers for a baby, I find it stressful to constantly change a baby’s disposable pampers not to talk of using their washable counterparts.

But in order to strive properly on one income with your newborn, you have to take on the “feat”

Although it’s difficult, overtime you get to master the process and get a little comfy doing it.

But ensure to choose soft, easily washable cottons.

Washable diapers will save you tons of money buying diapers.

These days, an average baby can use two or more packs of disposable Diapers in a month- which could cost you no less than $50 in a month for mid-level quality ones.

4. Cut out unnecessary expenses from your monthly budget 

With a baby on the way or already at hand, Now is the best time than ever to start budgeting correctly and cutting out unnecessary expenses from your monthly budget.

You can try so many things to reduce your monthly budget, from earning more money to constantly reducing your electricity, transportation, cables, phone subscription, skin care, food and other small entertainment budget.

You can also try a no-spend challenge on the month you wish to go super tight with your savings.

5. Try second-hand baby toys and strollers

You might want to ditch new toys and strollers and opt for second hand instead.

 These days, Second hand products are durable and portable with less price tag but same quality as some notable brands. 

Plus your newborn will not even notice!!! I mean, who cares whether your baby’s crib or stroller is sparkling new or missing a button?

All you owe your newborn is a clean, portable and comfortable crib, stroller or toys.

So at any rate, you’re still doing just fine!

In fact, it’s a great decision to teach your kids toy minimalism as they grow older.

“Less is usually more”

6. Buy durable and long-lasting baby products

When shopping for your baby, ensure you buy durable and long-lasting products, so you don’t have to keep buying the same thing over and over again and wasting money.

 You should not necessarily buy generic brands- you can opt for long-lasting and durable secondhand products that will save you money and house clutters.

Just take the pain, buy one very expensive but durable item that will save you much money along the line.

It could be a stroller, it could be a toy, it could be baby self care products, it could be clothes, shoes, food items, lotions, carriers and bathing equipment.

7. Save money on baby’s apparels and accessories

Save money on baby clothes by matching pairs accordingly and re-purposing.

When shopping for your newborn, try to save more money by matching pairs accordingly, make sure you don’t buy random pairs of pants, shirts, socks or caps that won’t fit and end up at the bottom of your baby’s closet.

You can also re-purpose your baby’s clothes as they get older and make other suitable fashion pairs that are entirely your own creativity.

8. Breastfeed your newborn

This is the best, healthiest tip for your “newborn” and for “you”

Breast milk is free and a stress-free way to breastfeed your newborn.

If you’re worried about stretch marks or flabby breasts, the truth is, there isn’t any supporting evidence that claims breastfeeding alone causes flabby breasts.

You can minimize the risk of developing flabby breast during pregnancy and breastfeeding by wearing a comfortable and supporting Bra, maintain a normal weight, drink 8 oz glasses of water everyday, avoid breast engorgement, use tactics during weaning and ensure your baby is latching properly. 

Breastfeeding is not easy for every mom, but I still see it as an easier way to feed your baby without all the hassles of cleaning utensils, making baby food and trying to feed them- especially the “picky ones”

Breastfeeding is also the best way to save money on baby food and health costs because our breast milk can help keep babies sick-free.

Now you are ready to start and stick to Budgeting With a Baby On One Income!


This should be all for now!

These are helpful tips while budgeting with a baby without compromising their health or comfort at any given time.

If you want to know “how to have a baby when you’re broke, then this is how!”

If you are still wondering “how to have a baby on a budget, this is also how!”

The tips above will do just fine for you!

Do share with a loved one, if you enjoyed this post! 

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