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Hello pals, welcome to Every Extra Dollar!

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I am Urah, a certified personal finance expert and a lead money coach.

You may know me by my other site, so thanks again for checking up on me in here too!

Every Extra Dollar is a place to help Money Wannabes find the right way to earn, save some of the Extras and Invest wisely and build a dream money-making start-ups.

A web resource for all things financial. As part of our commitment to help you understand personal finance from the ground up, we also want to assist you locate the greatest financial products and services to help you achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Because your financial well-being should be your primary concern. Take control of the wheel with confidence and vigor. Rather than allowing things to happen to you, take control of your finances and you’ll never be left wondering why you are a;lways broke and in debt.

How it all started

My Blogging journey started in 2017 when I took a maternity leave after having my twins.

At that time, I found joy in freelancing for a number of popular blogs and still find love in turning my first blog into a full-time business and finally saying goodbye to my bank job.

I started Every Extra Dollar when I couldn’t get out of my Passion of helping people save money and building a lifetime worth of investment.

As a frugal-freak mom, I can teach you from years of experience, how to get out of debt and invest in a lifetime Streams of passive Income.

7 years ago, I was able to save Every Extra Dollar I got from groceries in a piggy bank which latter amounted to $2000 in 1 year while earning $350 from a bank job.

I told my close friend about it and she jokingly said, “Urah maybe you should not be writing about Lifestyle or anything else, I think you should really be teaching some moms out there how to save and grow a fortune because you’re really a penny-hoarding freak!” 😆😂

From that moment on, I knew I had to start this blog and share my penny hoarding and growing skills.

We all suck at money, it’s understandable-But one more step towards changing your lifestyle could save you tons of money and how else can you do that, if not hearing from real-life people who were once like you?

Pilling money is not the only thing I am good at!

I love traveling, cooking tasty meals, Reading or watching thrillers and mothering my 3 children.

Welcome once again, and please join me as I explore ways to Earn Extra Money, Save them and build a dream money-making Start-ups! 

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, collaborations, sponsored posts or freelance writing.

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