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About every extra dollar

Hello pals, welcome to Every Extra Dollar!

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the Blog!

I am Urah, a mom at 3 (Including twins), and a full-time Blogger/Freelance writer.

You may know me by my other site, so thanks again for checking up on me in here too!

Every Extra Dollar is a place to help Moms and Wannabes find the right way to earn, save some of the Extras and Invest wisely and build a dream money-making Start-ups.

I am a full-time stay-at-home mom who blogs and freelance for a living.

My Blogging journey started in 2017 when I took a maternity leave  after having my twins.

At that time, I found joy in freelancing for a number of popular blogs and still find love in turning my first blog into a full-time business and finally saying goodbye to my bank job.

I started Every Extra Dollar when I couldn’t get out of my Passion of helping people save money and building a lifetime worth of investment.

As a frugal-freak mom, I can teach you from years of experience, how to get out of debt and invest in a lifetime Streams of passive Income.

Last year, I was able to save Every Extra Dollar I got from groceries in a piggy bank which latter amounted to $2000 in 1 year while earning $350 from a bank job.

I told my close friend about it and she jokingly said, “Urah maybe you should not be writing about Lifestyle or anything else, I think you should really be teaching some moms out there how to save and grow a fortune because you’re really a penny-hoarding freak!” 😆😂

From that moment on, I knew I had to start this blog and share my penny hoarding and growing skills.

We all suck at money, it’s understandable-But one more step towards changing your lifestyle could save you tons of money and how else can you do that, if not hearing from real-life people who were once like you?

Pilling money is not the only thing I am good at!

I love traveling, cooking tasty meals, Reading or watching thrillers and mothering my 3 children.

Welcome once again, and please join me as I explore ways to Earn Extra Money, Save them and build a dream money-making Start-ups! 

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, collaborations, sponsored posts or freelance writing.

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